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12th September 2023- We are sorry but we are now fully booked until October on all our routes - please contact us for Autumn and 2024 dates

Why walk with us ?

"Your Walk - Your Way"

Thinking of booking elsewhere ? We think that checking out several operators is the wise way to choose your walking holiday.  But make sure you get the following from whoever arranges it and if you don't get the following reassurance then please... talk to us!

Dartmoor WalkerTen things you should be asking your walking holiday provider -


1 - Route Choice  - Get the walk you want, the best walk for you. We have more routes and more options in the South West and Wales region than anyone else - some unique to us, You should be able to combine the best bits from different trails to make the most of your limited time here and find out about alternative route options so you won't miss any highlights located just off that trail.  Start with our interactive map to create what you want to include into your holiday

2 - Holiday Flexibility - Don't accept the standard option that everyone else is walking -  we are unique in working with you to build a tailor-made draft itinerary to fit you, your requirements and your ideal walk.  There are no set holidays, fixed accommodation, standard itineraries or 'same as everyone else' experiences with us. Avoid the mass conveyer belt and make sure your walk is personal!

3 - Choice of Named Accommodation - Don't get nasty surprises - Only Encounter Walking provide an individual quote to let you view full details on your accommodation  BEFORE YOU BOOK. You can view where you could stay, look and pick from choices, reject and control your overnight stop locations and accommodation. Send us a quote request form and see what we suggest

4 - Experience and Reliability -  We are the largest walking holiday operator in the South West and have been operating here for over 10 years.  Your accommodation, luggage transfers, itineraries, maps and holiday are all taken care of for you by our experienced team leaving you free to just wander. We leave nothing to chance and are unique, for instance, in re-checking and re-confirming every nights accommodation and every transfer during the period before you arrive. We do this every day, week in week out and we don't get side-tracked as a company by trying to do or sell anything else - we know where our strengths and experience lie.  Read more in About Us

Walk the coast path and discover unique sites5 - Local Walkers Knowledge - Our walking portfolio has spread outwards over the years along the trails and paths we walk, we love and we can specialise in. We therefore know the locations not to miss as well as those to avoid and are full of extra ideas and suggestions for “distractions” along the trails to make your holiday more than just a walk.

When you talk to our walking advisors you will get to speak to people who have actually walked the trails - which is not the case with companies that are not based here. To get the best advice on grades of walking, route highlights, good and bad bits of trail, make sure you are dealing with someone who has walked it before you. 

We sponsor our staff to sit on various Trail Management and Walkers Interest Groups (see About Us for more info) by doing this we not only support the routes you walk but understand and can share with you the current issues and options better than anyone else.

6 - Value for Money - Our flexibility in tailor-made itineraries means we can offer walking holidays to suit whatever you can afford, from the best value basic B&B’s through to the five star luxury hotels.  Whichever you select our planning and delivery will give you not only the best value for the amount of money you want to spend but more importantly the best walking experience possible for it!   Four or more of you? See our Group Walking Page - because we price every walk on its actual costs we will be the most economical for your walkers.

7 - The Best Map and Guidebook Package  - Don't accept second best here - after your legs your maps and route info are the most important thing for your walk! Over the years we have created and developed the best package for walkers - rather than just the cheapest.  Don't settle for guidebooks using only ultra thin strip maps for instance - they won't work if you need to leave the path or you just happen to wander off it.  Avoid trail guides without town plans, that don't provide advice on things like, chemists, cash machines, good restaurants or stand by travel options - they can leave you spending a lot of your holiday searching these things out.  It has taken us years to get the ideal package of guidebook, maps and personalised itinerary for each different route - read more and see examples on our maps and guidebook package - ask any other provider if they do the same.

Walk the coast path and discover unique sites8 - No Surcharges and Guaranteed Prices - Quite simply we won't take a booking from you until you have seen a detailed quote and accepted it - it gives you the guarantee of a fixed price and a comprehensive list of what is included - no confusion and no misunderstandings. You will know exactly what you are getting for your money BEFORE you hand it over. There are no surcharges if you pay by credit card, no charges for making overseas bank transfers or for paying by cheque

9 - A Named Walking Advisor to Look After You - From your first enquiry to your final step on the trail you will have one of our walking advisors take charge of your quote, booking and walk. You can go back to them time and again should you wish to and they will answer your questions and queries quickly, by email or phone. Your advisor will have built up a relationship with you to work with you on creating your walk, setting up your booking, dealing with your questions and managing the walk right through until you complete it - at which point they will be contacting you to find out how it all went !

Two walkers enjoying the Land's End trail10 - Openness and Honesty - We do very little advertising - our business has been built on returning customers which means we want to make sure you to have the best experience possible. That you tell all your friends how good it was and that you come back for another walk, another year. This won't happen if we are not open and honest about both your plans and our service and deliver on our promises.

So we won't let you sign up for a walk if we think its too much or unsuitable for you or indeed if we feel it's too dull for you. Ask a walking advisor here a question and you will get an honest answer. Our quote system means we are clear and open about our services, prices, your accommodation, the appropriateness of our trails and the suitability of your holiday plans. We  won't avoid giving you the right and responsible advice  - even if that's not what you want to hear and we don't get a booking !  

Big claims from us?

Don’t take our word for it – read our walkers Reviews - you will also find their reviews for every specific walking route on the individual walk pages. See real feedback posted by walkers who have walked the route not only reviewing our organisational skills and delivery but also sharing information about the best and the worst bits of specific trails and routes.   Read and make use of their tips and comments - knowledge is power !

Encounter Walking Holidays -  For more information on our company, our staff and our vision for UK walking visit the About Us pages.


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