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1st March 2023 -    We are now fully booked on our coast path routes until the end of May but please send quote requests in for June onwards as there is availability for the rest of the year.  If you do plan to walk between now and June then our inland routes, Coleridge Way, Mendip Way, Saints Way  Dartmoor Way and Two Moors Way still have availability for most dates so please get in touch.

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The Coleridge Way Walking Holiday

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Walk Reviews and Customer Feedback

Route: Coleridge Way Name: Renee Alberts Walked on: 15th April 2022

Planning and booking for your walk with Encounter Walking Holidays

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"We chose days with 23- 24km per day and with hindsight it was a bit too long for some of our party."

Walking notes, maps, guidebooks and itinerary

Luggage transfers


"The Ancient Mariner was a little more basic and the food less good than the other nights. Notley Arms, Exmoor House and Snow's Orchard were all excellent."

Overall experience

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Route: Coleridge Way Name: Judy D Walked on: 21st January 2022

Everything was great.  Really enjoyed this winter walk and a good start to walking in 2022.  Appreciated quick response to my last minute booking.  Accommodations all fine and easy to find on the route, good food.  (Ancient Mariner has no heating in the rooms apart from a couple of oil heaters which, as they aren’t turned on prior to check in, took hours to warm up. Rooms modern and large. No food on Mondays) Lots of variety of scenery.  

Quiet tracks even at the weekend.  Lots of tempting walking trails in this area and pretty villages.  Instructions, guide book and route map useful though the trail is very well signed (apart from the Dunkery Beacon option where the signs differed from the gpx file but I was able to figure it out from the description in the guide book).  Great service from Encounter, would recommend etc etc.

Route: Coleridge Way Name: Sibyl Ruth Walked on: 17th September 2021

Planning and booking for your walk with Encounter Walking Holidays

"As I'd not booked a self-guided walking holiday before I appreciated the detailed help and information which was provided."

Encounter Walking Holidays Website

"I didn't really use the site much after a quick preliminary browse - as it was then all about getting our own individual trip sorted."

Your Walking Routes

"Our compass was useful! Even though the ascents aren't steep, the ground is uneven so I was glad I opted for my heavier walking boots."

Walking notes, maps, guidebooks and itinerary

"All these were very clear. (The sole error occurred when our instructions told us to turn left - rather than right - to get to our overnight accommodation in Williton.)"

Luggage transfers

"On one day the luggage transfer person showed up at 9am when we were still eating our breakfast. But apart from that everything went smoothly."


"Staying in old pubs, coaching inns etc was one of the most enjoyable features of the holiday."

Overall experience

"The Coleridge Way is a wonderful and varied trail. It was gloriously green and peaceful. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys walking and exploring the countryside. NB. We did the walk at the 'relaxed pace'. This might not work for everyone, but it does mean you can take plenty of time to do optional diversions, enjoy the views etc!"

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Route: Coleridge Way Name: Patricia Bleasby Walked on: 13th September 2021

Planning and booking for your walk with Encounter Walking Holidays

"Planning was meticulous and queries were always answered quickly"

Encounter Walking Holidays Website

"lots of information, easy to follow and most questions answered in FAQs. It also shone through with enthusiasm!"

Your Walking Routes

"the daily notes were very useful, particularly features to look out for and any potential pitfalls that might be encountered. The descriptions of locations of overnight stays were reassuringly accurate and it was nice to be tailor made to my holiday"

Walking notes, maps, guidebooks and itinerary

"the maps are excellent and with the numbers relating to the route instructions it was easy to tie the two together. The notes would refer to a lane which could mean a bridleway, footpath or a narrow road, I found this disconcerting but the Coleridge Way signs were usually present to offer reassurance. The walking notes though were generally very good"

Luggage transfers

"Always good. Not only was bag there on arrival but in my room too. A real bonus at the end of a tiring day!"


"Two stand out, the Notley Arms and the Rock House both for the friendly welcome and the food, outstanding in both cases. All accommodation was clean and perfectly suitable."

Overall experience

"I loved the walk. It offered everything - heathland, woodland, glorious rolling countryside, rivers, the coast and Exmoor. You can't ask for more!"

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Route: Coleridge Way Name: Ann & Bernie Gibbons plus 4 friends Walked on: 11th September 2021

Planning and booking for your walk with Encounter Walking Holidays

"Everything booked and confirmed very efficiently, even though we changed our arrangements a couple of times and added some complications! Very well done"

Encounter Walking Holidays Website

"Comprehensive website with plenty of info"

Your Walking Routes

"Really great views and varied countryside. This walk was better than anticipated. Some climbs but nothing too daunting."

Walking notes, maps, guidebooks and itinerary

"All excellent"

Luggage transfers

"Spot on every time!"


"All good. There were some covid restrictions, such as mask wearing, but this did not hamper our enjoyment of the holiday. All the meals were good, no complaints whatsoever."

Overall experience

"A very enjoyable experience"

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Route: Coleridge Way - Nether Stowey to Porlock 4 days Name: Stella Walked on: 5th July 2021

Planning and booking for your walk with Encounter Walking Holidays

"Excellent service from everyone at Encounter throughout. Good communication with regard to the added complications of Covid causing postponements etc. Very personal service. All good! Can't fault!"

Encounter Walking Holidays Website

"Fine as far as I can remember but after an initial general look at the website, everything was very individual and done via email."

Your Walking Routes

"Very varied and attractive landscapes/scenery, great views, literary associations. Very very quiet. But quite hard going in places (or was that just us being too old!). Walking surfaces could be challenging - loose stones/rocks, mud, meant you had to watch your footing a lot of the time and take your eye off the scenery. We would fully concur with the underlined warning at point 84 on the route notes. In spite of edging very carefully round the slippery bedrock as best I could I still took a tumble. Another problem we encountered was a fallen tree across the path between points 42 and 43 - we had to get onto hands and knees to crawl under it."

Walking notes, maps, guidebooks and itinerary

"Generally very good. The Zigzag laminated walking maps are excellent. But we did have two incidences where we went seriously wrong having somehow failed to marry the map, route notes, and the signage. The first of these was around Point 22. We can't quite work out how in spite of having got to the layby by the A39 as indicated on the route notes, we ended up heading south round the eastern boundary of the deer park! The second instance was on Day 4 around points 96 and 97. We think the problem here may have been confusing signage. Sometimes the signs we needed were the quill sign but sometimes a blue square and this got confusing. As was also that there could be a red and a blue quills pointing different ways. We discovered the distinction was between walkers and horse riders. Perhaps some explanatory notes about Coleridge Way signage would be a helpful addition to the route notes? The daily notes were very helpful - good to have all the information for the day in one place. They reminded us about booking ahead for evening meals etc and checking if pubs for lunch would be open. We also made use of the taxi numbers! Would recommend booking well ahead for taxi return to car on last day."

Luggage transfers

"All fine."


"We were very happy with all the places we stayed. Everyone was very welcoming and helpful. The rooms at The Valiant Soldier were particularly spacious and well appointed (newly done I think). The rooms at The White House Williton were small but OK for one night and the staff were extremely helpful there so no complaints. Each place was very different which was nice. "

Overall experience

"Challenging but really very enjoyable. We'd like to go back and explore the area further in a more leisurely fashion. It was so quiet and the scenery so varied. We'd definitely recommend the area and the Coleridge Way gives you an excellent way of experiencing the varied landscapes and staying in some lovely villages. "

Would you choose Encounter Walking Holidays for future holidays? Yes

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Route: Coleridge way Name: Stephen Selley Walked on: 28th June 2021

Planning and booking for your walk with Encounter Walking Holidays

Encounter Walking Holidays Website

Your Walking Routes

"Very varied and enjoyable route. We did average of 14 miles a day which typically meant 8 hours walking with short breaks."

Walking notes, maps, guidebooks and itinerary

"We already had maps etc, but the itinerary notes were spot on and helped us plan ahead."

Luggage transfers

"Worked perfectly - thank you"


"Really good accommodation. Very welcoming. Enjoyed our overnight stops."

Overall experience

"Thank you once again. This is the third time I have walked with Encounter: highly recommended. "

Would you choose Encounter Walking Holidays for future holidays? Yes

Would you recommend Encounter Walking Holidays to others? Yes

Route: Coleridge Way Name: Sue Gearing Walked on: 21st June 2021

Overall experience

"It was a really enjoyable walk, and so well planned by Encounter. Their staff have been helpful whenever we connected them when planning. Arrangements worked perfectly and we were delighted with the accommodation chosen. The route was stunning, although maybe more hilly than we expected but we had great views. My friend and I would highly recommend Encounter. Thank you. It was such a wonderful way to emerge out of the dark days of Covid. Sue"

Would you choose Encounter Walking Holidays for future holidays? Yes

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Route: Coleridge Way and Coast Path to Braunton Name: John Walked on: 6th June 2021

Planning and booking for your walk with Encounter Walking Holidays

"Excellent personalised service. Helped identify the best options for taking a dog "

Encounter Walking Holidays Website

"Comprehensive, useful maps and route descriptions"

Your Walking Routes

"20-25km days with Hills. It took a bit more time than we thought, but well worth it "

Walking notes, maps, guidebooks and itinerary

"Comprehensive maps and guides. All you could need. Having the OS maps App on the phone was a help "

Luggage transfers

"Very efficient "


"Especially enjoyed the dedicated B&B guest houses which had high quality accommodation and a personalised welcome. There was no need to stay at pubs as it was always possible to go there to eat "

Overall experience

"Excellent. Great Scenery. Learnt a lot about the poets Coleridge and Wordsworth. Very quiet on the Coleridge Way hardly saw a soul......"

Would you choose Encounter Walking Holidays for future holidays? Yes

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Route: Coleridge Way Name: Michael Cannell Walked on: 26th September 2020

Planning and booking for your walk with Encounter Walking Holidays

"Dealt well with Covid-related changes of accommodation."

Encounter Walking Holidays Website

Your Walking Routes

Walking notes, maps, guidebooks and itinerary

"Replaced guidebook mislaid by fellow walker without charge"

Luggage transfers


"What we expected. Not much choice on the route."

Overall experience

Would you choose Encounter Walking Holidays for future holidays? Yes

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Route: Coleridge Way Name: Jay M Walked on: 17th September 2020

Amazing company. Too many good things to say so I'll just some up with this....you have to use these guys if you love to hike properly with experts, and love a proper British village in proper British terrain. Outstanding

Route: Coleridge Way Name: Christopher Lock Walked on: 29th September 2019

Planning and booking for your walk with Encounter Walking Holidays

"as ever very efficient"

Encounter Walking Holidays Website

"Clear and easy to use"

Your Walking Routes

"we walked the Colleridge way. This was one of the best 4 day walks we have done. Great variety of scenery and good paths and easy route finding.. There were quite a lot of climbs but they were reasonably gradual and not too difficult.Thoroughly recommend this walk. We have not walked in Somerset before and will certainly return"

Walking notes, maps, guidebooks and itinerary

"All spot on"

Luggage transfers



"All the booked accommodation was very good as were the breakfasts. The only exception to the breakfast was the Notley Arms where a very basic cold breakfast was included but you had to pay extra for hot food. We paid £4.00 each for a poor omelette. The place was great and the owner very pleasant   Thanks for tellins us Chris - breakfast is always included with our holidays so we will speak to the landlord to advise him and we have arranged to refund the £4 you paid. - Encounter Walking
The Sundial guest house was quite exceptional in every way and was the best of a lot of good accommodation"

Overall experience

"A great break in a lovely area and even the weather was kind"

Would you choose Encounter Walking Holidays for future holidays? Yes

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Route: Coleridge Way Name: Frazier Scott Walked on: 28th August 2019

Our walking holiday was very much a success.  Our hotels and B and Bs were always clean and the hosts welcoming.  As far as our dinners, the White House, Valiant Soldier and the Bath Hotel were the standouts.

Overall, the walking was more steep than we expected (we had last walked in the Cotswolds four years ago) but we managed quite well.  I should note that there was a stretch of the route above Deddy Combe on the way to Oare that involved a very narrow path above a steep drop.  We were happy to be past it.  Having the OS maps downloaded to my phone was very helpful since I could use the GPS function to ensure we stayed on the right path.



Route: Coleridge Way/ South West Coast Path, Newer Stowey to Minehead Name: Kaisa and Bram Walked on: 27th July 2019

Planning and booking for your walk with Encounter Walking Holidays

"thanks again for the great service!"

Encounter Walking Holidays Website

Your Walking Routes

"The combination of walking inland in Somerset and to continue on the coastpath is very nice. Somerset is absolutely beautiful and walking in Exmoor is a wonderful experience. "

Walking notes, maps, guidebooks and itinerary

"The first part of the Coleridge way is not very well marked. The signs are easy to overlook."

Luggage transfers


"We highly recommend Woodadvent Farm and Locanda on the Weir (+ excellent restaurant)"

Overall experience

"The weather was great, friendly people, beautiful nature and we highly recommend the Indian restaurant in Williton, The Bengal Spice . "

Would you choose Encounter Walking Holidays for future holidays? Yes

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Route: Coleridge Way Name: Paul Moghtader Walked on: 18th July 2019

Planning and booking for your walk with Encounter Walking Holidays

"Everyone responded promptly and was easy to deal with"

Encounter Walking Holidays Website

"Easy to navigate and full of detailed information about the walk"

Your Walking Routes

"Very enjoyable walk that is easy to moderate. We did it with our children (12, 8 and 8) who had no trouble."

Walking notes, maps, guidebooks and itinerary

"The maps and directions were mostly easy to follow, but a couple times they were not clear."

Luggage transfers


"All the lodging booked for us were charming and clean."

Overall experience

"This was a great walk and a great value."

Would you choose Encounter Walking Holidays for future holidays? Yes

Would you recommend Encounter Walking Holidays to others? Yes

Route: Coleridge Way Name: Thatcher Bailey Walked on: 24th June 2019

Planning and booking for your walk with Encounter Walking Holidays

Encounter Walking Holidays Website

Your Walking Routes

"No one was on this lovely walk. Trail was not strenuous so it worked for the whole group. Lots of landscape variation."

Walking notes, maps, guidebooks and itinerary

Luggage transfers


"Damon helped is find excellent places to stay."

Overall experience

Would you choose Encounter Walking Holidays for future holidays? Yes

Would you recommend Encounter Walking Holidays to others? Yes

Route: Porlock-Lymouth (Coleridge), then Combe Martin-Lynmouth-Porlock (SWCP) Name: Philippa Walked on: 19th June 2019

Planning and booking for your walk with Encounter Walking Holidays

"helpful and efficient"

Encounter Walking Holidays Website

"useful guides to different itineries"

Your Walking Routes

"Porlock Wier- Lynmouth on Coleridge, stunning varied walking, good pub lunch at Brendon return walk along SWCP - lack of benches for picnics through Embelle and Culbone Woods!"

Walking notes, maps, guidebooks and itinerary

"very useful"

Luggage transfers


"2 nights basic but good value, one night excellent"

Overall experience

"Such stunning and varied scenery, plus great organisation by Encounter - a really good walking holiday"

Would you choose Encounter Walking Holidays for future holidays? Yes

Would you recommend Encounter Walking Holidays to others? Yes

Route: The Coleridge Way Name: Brookes Walked on: 15th June 2019

Planning and booking for your walk with Encounter Walking Holidays

"All staff very helpful and knowledgeable "

Encounter Walking Holidays Website

Your Walking Routes

"very hilly but beautiful country side. Best was the extension from Porlock Weir to Lynmouth"

Walking notes, maps, guidebooks and itinerary

"All most useful. Only went wrong once at 59. Ended up on path to Advent Farm "

Luggage transfers

"Excellent service"


"Best value in B&Bs. Fantastic meal at Sundial House at Wheddon Cross."

Overall experience

"Best walk we have done"

Would you choose Encounter Walking Holidays for future holidays? Yes

Would you recommend Encounter Walking Holidays to others? Yes

Route: Nether stowey to Lynmouth over 4 Days Name: Kathryn Walked on: 14th June 2019

Planning and booking for your walk with Encounter Walking Holidays

"Very helpful in making sure we got what we wanted"

Encounter Walking Holidays Website

Your Walking Routes

"Route overall very well marked got a little conflicted towards West Quantocks, way markers seemed to take you one way but route on OS map another either way end destination the same."

Walking notes, maps, guidebooks and itinerary

"supplied our own maps but the itinerary was fantastic."

Luggage transfers

"Excellent service"


"Would of liked a earlier breakfast time."

Overall experience

"First time doing anything like this. Now thinking about what to do next."

Would you choose Encounter Walking Holidays for future holidays? Yes

Would you recommend Encounter Walking Holidays to others? Yes

Route: coleridge way Name: anais Walked on: 12th June 2019

Planning and booking for your walk with Encounter Walking Holidays

"very easy and customized to your liking"

Encounter Walking Holidays Website

Your Walking Routes

"beautiful route with magnificent views, even in the rain."

Walking notes, maps, guidebooks and itinerary

Luggage transfers


Overall experience

"very good holiday"

Would you choose Encounter Walking Holidays for future holidays? Yes

Would you recommend Encounter Walking Holidays to others? Yes

Route: Coleridge Way Name: Jamie Walked on: 5th May 2019

Planning and booking for your walk with Encounter Walking Holidays

Encounter Walking Holidays Website

Your Walking Routes

Walking notes, maps, guidebooks and itinerary

Luggage transfers


"Each accommodation was wonderful, but most of all we loved the Valient Soldier. "

Overall experience

Would you choose Encounter Walking Holidays for future holidays? Yes

Would you recommend Encounter Walking Holidays to others? Yes

Route: Coleridege Way Name: JS Walked on: 1st May 2019

Planning and booking for your walk with Encounter Walking Holidays

"Appreciated the consistency of contact with one person during the planning of my trip"

Encounter Walking Holidays Website

"Straightforward and informative - one of the reasons I approached this Company"

Your Walking Routes

"Really great diversity of landscapes; encountered few other people, which is what I desired"

Walking notes, maps, guidebooks and itinerary

"Comprehensive and accurate. The most difficult challenge is to not get complacent - or arrogant"

Luggage transfers

"Luggage appeared where it was supposed to be "


Overall experience

"Very well organized trip; provided what I needed but was not overdone."

Would you choose Encounter Walking Holidays for future holidays? Yes

Would you recommend Encounter Walking Holidays to others? Yes

Route: Coleridge Way - Williton to Lynmouth Name: Marion Walked on: 10th October 2018

UK FlagWalked with dog from Willington, via Luxborough, Porlock and Brendon Cross to Lynmouth. Incredible driving winds and rain on Friday 12th meant we curtailed the 13 mile walk to Porlock (the second part over Exmoor) as 'waterproofs' were in no way 'proofs' against this appalling weather. We were truly drenched through and through. The pub called 'The Rest and Be Thankful' in Wheddon Cross lived up to its name.....And it was great to have the taxi numbers. All accommodation and arrangements were great. And the walk is (would be!) spectacular. Thank you so much.

Route: Coleridge Way - Nether Stowey to Lynmouth and South West Coast Path Name: John Walked on: 20th September 2018

Australian FlagWe enjoyed the walk enormously.  The combination of the Coleridge way and a few days back along the coast path to Minehead gave us a great view of Somerset and Devon.  We particularly enjoyed the woodlands.  The accomodation was generally good to excellent, and we had some great food.  Once again the advice from you guys and the arrangements were excellent.  I made a point of asking some of the accommodation providers what they thought of Encounter and they were all full of praise.

Route: Coleridge Way - Nether Stowey to Lynmouth Name: Virginia Walked on: 15th September 2018

Australian FlagWe enjoyed our 6 day walk immensely. The scenery was of constantly changing beauty and all the accommodation was excellent. We would have preferred however more quill direction especially around the half-way mark.

We settled into buying sandwiches and fruit at the beginning of each day and picnicked since we never seemed to pass by pubs or through villages when they were serving food. A served meal would also have held us up and we had the night meal to look forward to.

Woodadvent Farm was the highlight for accommodation but we had trouble finding it - an old one mile sign post to the farm led us to being surrounded by 5 gates with no quill.

Would definitely recommend the walk.

Route: Coleridge Way - Nether Stowey to Lynmouth Two Moors Way - Simonsbath to Lynmouth Name: Jane Walked on: 11th September 2018

UK FlagWhat an excellent walk! Beautiful varied scenery in such an unspoilt area. Sufficiently challenging to be tired and ready for our R&R at the end of each day. On the second day we didn't see anyone else all day!

Signposting is excellent, better than most and route description and notes helped if we were unsure. Diversions to see sights can add to distance and time so factor that in.

Accommodation along the way was friendly and welcoming, sometimes pointing out points of interest for the next day. Couldn't fault any of them and breakfasts without exception lovely. Notley Arms menu in the evening while superb fine dining, may not be quite what you would want at the end of a long walk, but we coped and the Black Rat Perry was a compensation.

We made use of community shops where we could to pick up food supplies to help support them.

We had a "rest day" in Porlock and caught the bus to Minehead and walked back along the Coast Path which is a good day walk option. We also did the last day of the Two Moors Way from Simonsbath to Lynmouth. It was very misty on the moor and the signposting to Exe Head is somewhat misleading. Best to take a compass bearing and walk to that. Also be aware that what is marked on the map as a fence line may be just the remains of an earth bank on the ground. Otherwise we enjoyed the last day especially the views on the different approach to Lynmouth.

Transport information to and from the walk's start and finish were very helpful and also the taxi numbers. Might be worth mentioning that buses from Lynmouth to Barnstaple are quite limited, but there are a few more options leaving from Lynton. However the funicular to take you up the steep hill doesn't start running until 10.00, so plan accordingly. If planning to use public transport back to Barnstaple it may be an option to stay in Lynton instead.

Overall we had a marvellous time and would recommend this walk to anyone. Also without hesitation would recommend Encounter to anyone considering a walking holiday in this part of England. Where to next??

Route: Coleridge Way - Porlock to Lynmouth Name: Bridget Walked on: 10th September 2018

UK FlagFirst I’d like to say a big thank you.

My planning, your help, your itineraries, documents and especially the customised map, the taxi service, luggage transfers and both places we stayed were just as described and there were no hiccoughs so we had a terrific holiday.

I know I can’t blame you for the mist,drizzle that we had the first day but actually I was really glad it wasn’t very hot.  We were very lucky to see some Exmoor wild ponies which more than I had expected.

Feedback on the routes

On the first day near Mansley Coombe (no 95) we ended up on the wrong hill as we followed the main path but actually we needed the other bridleway to the left to go to Dunkers Errish. It might be a good idea to clarify that in the write up.

On the second day at Oare (145). There is now a weather station beyond the small conifer plantation so your instructions should tell people to keep to the left of the conifers alongside the fence to get to a stile that takes you to the path described in 146.

The rest of your instructions were very clear and worked well for us.

Feedback on stopping places

Day 1

We had a lovely break at Webber’s Post (105) with convenient tree stumps and Day 2 we found some convenient rocks near Broomstreet Farm (142) with a lovely view We recommend the National trust cafe at watersmeet for excellent loos and coffees!

Overnight Stops

The Ship Inn was fine - adequate beds/breakfast but busy at supper time. Booking a table is advised.

The Millslade Country Hotel was superb. Very comfy rooms, delicious breakfasts, warm welcome and great homemade packed lunches.

Hope this helps - I will certainly recommend you to anyone/everyone.

Route: Coleridge Way: Nether Stowey-Lynmouth Name: Louise and James Walked on: 9th August 2018

UK FlagWe just wanted to thank you for organising our amazing walking holiday along the Colchester Way. It was fantastic, with everything running like clockwork.  We couldn’t have asked for more and are left with special memories that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for all your hard work in ensuring this was perfect for us. The accommodation was clean and comfortable with friendly, helpful hosts and great food, the walking notes and maps clear and detailed, the luggage transfer reliable and the taxi ride home, with such a lovely taxi driver, the perfect end to our time in this stunning place.

Route: Coleridge Way from Nether Stowey to Porlock Weir and South West Coast Path Name: Eva, Anne and dachsund Alma Walked on: 7th August 2018

German FlagIt was an incredibly beautiful walk with stunning scenery and lovely people. The accomodiatons were great!!! Cosy and with wonderful food. We truly can recommend all of them. Arranged luggage transfer and taxi back to the car was perfect too. Thank you Encounter Walking Team for the Organisation!

Route: Coleridge Way - Nether Stowey to Lynmouth Name: John Martin Walked on: 3rd August 2018

UK Flagwe enjoyed our walk and all arrangements worked well. we took a few diversions such as walking over Quantocks (superb) suggest including possible alternatives for non purists

Route: Coleridge Way & Coast Path - Nether Stowey to Braunton Name: Sabine & Reinhard Walked on: 17th July 2018

German FlagHello Damon and team, thank you so much for managing this taylored walking holiday for us! Everything worked well, we had no problems at all!

All of our hosts were wonderful (possibly our favourites were Rosebank House in Porlock and Mellstock House in Combe Martin) and all transfers of us and our luggage were perfect and in time!

We enjoyed the combination of Coleridge way and coast path with the one daytour on 2-moors way and can recommend this to other walkers! We wondered why Coleridge way is not so well known even to local people and noticed that it is not too well marked and tends to be overgrown! This path is in our opinion worth to be in the first choice of long distance walkers, especially because of the unusual many parts heading through old and very beautiful forests and unspoilt rural countryside!

Thanks to encounter for the advice to detour to Dunkery beacon! On good weather conditions it is well worth - we didn't understand that this is not an official alternative route of Coleridge way!

We hope to come to UK again and book another walking tour with you!

Route: Coleridge Way - Nether Stowey to Lynmouth Two Moors Way Name: Andrew Walked on: 16th July 2018

Irish FlagColeridge Way This is a really lovely walk through handsome English countryside. Encounter were very helpful with planning the walk and their suggested pace, completing the Way in four days, was just right for us. We walked from about 9.30 to 17.30 each day at a steady pace with plenty of time to admire the landscape and have swift pint if we passed and open pub in the afternoon.

We arrived in villages too late for lunch a couple of times but survived on snacks. Each day had its own character and very little time was spent on paved roads. The network of paths and bridleways , often through ancient woods, speaks of the very long farming history in this area. The last half day's walk into Lynmouth along the wooded banks of the river is the equal of any walk I know and could only be improved by arriving at the Staghunters Inn in time for lunch.

We took a rest day at the end of the Way then walked the last day of the Two Moors Way into Lynmouth. This a really lovely walk on open moorland followed by a wooded descent back to the town.

Our accommodation was often excellent and never less than adequate. Our first night in at the Old Cider House Nether Stowey was hoisted by the author of the guide to the Coleridge Way. The guesthouse was fine but the hospitality was a little underwhelming.

The Bridleside B&B in Monksilver was tricky to find but well worth the effort. We enjoyed a very warm welcome and a breakfast good enough for two days. The only restaurant in the village was closed that night and the hostess was kind enough to lend us her car to drive a few miles down the road to the next inn - exceptional.

Exmoor House in Wheddon Cross is a newly refurbished guesthouse that deserves to do very well. Our room was finished to a very high standard and the bath, with Epsom salts, was welcome after the typically "difficult second day". There is a pub directly across the road and Exmoor House has a large comfortable living room for guests to relax in. Genuinely warm hospitality from the owners and an excellent breakfast maintained the very high standard.

The Bottom Ship in Porlock Weir is a lively inn with a decent menu. The bedroom was dated and a little tired but acceptable homely overall.

We finished up at the Bath Hotel in Lynmouth which again was little old-fashioned but cosy and very friendly.

An excellent week's walking, seamlessly organised by Encounter. If you want to walk in the Southwest I can think of no reason not to go with them.

Route: Coleridge Way & Coast Path - Nether Stowey to Minehead Name: Annemiek, Anneke and Jeanne Walked on: 13th July 2018

Dutch FlagAnnemiek asked me to give your organisation feedback on our beautiful walk in Somerset.

I am glad te be able to do that.

All 3 we enjoyed the walks a lot: very differing landscapse, nice villages and almost no other walkers.

The first day walk was a bit too long for us, 

In Bicknoller we discoverded a very nice detour through the fields to our B&B in Williton. 

May be thats something worth mentioning in the special form you make for every walk.

Most of the time it was easy to find our way with map and the good description.

The only time we really struggled was on our way to the B&B in Woodadvent Farm. 

The route to this farm is marked in a way that was very puzzling for us. Maybe there is some improvement possible.

But these are very small things in a further beautiful and very good arranged route. 

We felt really taken care of by you andthe 3 of us like to thank you for that from the bottom of our hearts.

We will recommend your organisation to friends and other people who are interested in walking.

Good luck with your work

Route: The Coleridge Way: Nether Stowey-Lynmouth Name: Janet Walked on: 28th June 2018

UK FlagI find it easier to write our feedback in an email....feel free to quote any of it on your website.

We did manage to get lost a few times.  Sometimes this was due to our stupidity,  sometimes a lack of markers and sometimes we just misread the instructions.

Below are a few points that I can remember....

Went wrong between Numbers 20 and 21 due to a lack of signposts and high vegetation. Could not match up instructions and resorted to compass bearings.

Number 55 Instruction is confusing - says take the path straight across field to gate in corner opposite. There is no path.  Should say keep to the right of the field and look for the gate in corner.

Number 71 Could not see footpath into field on our right and the field was full of cows and lively young calves so went on yellow road to lower court farm.

Signpost at number 143 is broken

All our accommodation was good..... have put a comment against each one

Old Cider House    -  Comfortable B&B

The Masons Arms  -  Good pub and restaurant with well appointed and quiet rooms in annexe attached to pub.

The Valliant Soldier - Characterful pub with restaurant right on the Coleridge Way. Large room and bathroom.

The Rest and be Thankful - Inn with popular local restaurant and carvery. Very good food.

Locanda on the Weir - Loved our room with a view and the fabulous shower room. Beautifully decorated lounge and bar area. Hosts could not have been friendlier. 

Staghunters Inn - Traditional Inn beside the river. Very good food in bar and breakfast in the dining room overlooking the garden.

Rising Sun Hotel - Row of old buildings above harbour housing the Hotel, bar and restaurant. Fish and Chips excellent.  Our room was a wee bit small with no room to open out our cases and stuff but the shower room was well appointed.

Taxi arrived dead on time and it was great to get a lot of local info from the driver on our way back to Nether Stowey.

Highlights of our trip definitely the pubs / restaurants which were consistently good - no bad experiences at all.  I drank Thatchers Cider Gold and Peter had the local Ale at every pub visited.

My favourite was the Lorna Doone Inn at Malmsmead.  We were very hot and tired at this point so the Crabbies Ginger Beer suggested was just fantastic. The food is also excellent.

The only problem we had was that we were walking in a heatwave and there is nothing Encounter could do about that.  On Sunday we walked in the heat in the morning and then got soaked in the afternoon so arrived at the Rest and be Thankful like a couple of drowned rats. At least the heat meant everything was dried out by the morning.

The path is very overgrown in parts.  The bracken is really tall and the last couple of days the horse flies were a real pain. 

The views are really good.... you just have to remember to look back after you get to the top of the hill..... the heat haze meant we did not see Wales clearly the first couple of days which is obviously a bit unusual.

We got our certificate at Lynmouth and saw a video of the walk.  You need to tell people to ask for the video. We really enjoyed it.

Hope this has been helpful.


Route: Coleridge Way from Nether Stowey to Lynmouth Name: Tangea Walked on: 16th June 2018

Australian FlagRoute: The Coleridge Way

Names: Richard and Tangea

Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable, if challenging, experience. In terms of the smooth organisation of accommodation and luggage transfers (recommended), supplying maps, route notes, taxi numbers (very helpful!) and answering all questions without delay, Encounter were great. We mislaid our route notes and were impressed by the speed with which the link was emailed to our accommodation before breakfast one morning.

Accommodation: Generally very good. We found several hosts particularly helpful: Ian and Lynne at the Old Cider House, Mike at the Valiant Soldier and Stephen and Margaret at the Sundial all went out of their way to help us.

Suggestions: At times, a compass would have been very helpful. Some indication of how long a stretch from one marker to the next (i.e. a hundred yards or a mile) would also take the stress out of some situations.

Weather: Sublime -- in the main between 25 -27. Came back to a cold and rainy Perth, WA, with a suntan!

We will definitely recommend your company to any friends considering a walk in southern England.

Route: Nether Stowey to Minehead Coleridge Way and SW Coast Path Name: Clare Walked on: 10th June 2018

UK FlagYou asked for any feedback on our accommodation on the Coleridge Way and our 2 days coastal walk from Lynmouth to Minehead.

The CW was very quiet - we only met one other person doing the trail (and they were only scouting out a one-day section prior to bringing a group later in the year), and one rider (there is a slightly different route for those on horseback). We loved the solitude.

The route is lovely, and passes through a variety of types of landscape: crop-growing areas, livestock farms, mixed woodland, beautiful rivers and streams. We did the CW over 4 days without any difficulty (we are both nearly 70). The coastal path was busier, mainly with people doing short sections with their dogs - but still by no means crowded. Again, we found it very manageable.

A few other comments: We were both pleased not to be walking alone, as there were a number of points where two heads were needed to figure out the correct route. At times, the OS map, way markers and walking notes were all at odds with each other. Even so, we did go wrong a couple of times. Also, the distances noted on the way-markers can be quite confusing, and dispiriting, as they sometimes increase rather than decreasing! We had a wonderful week, ate lots of wonderful seafood, and found nearly all the B&Bs very welcoming and friendly.

One final comment: I'm sure that we are not the only walkers who like to get out on the path relatively early - but many places only start breakfast at 8.30am and some even later.  Perhaps this could be discussed with them?

We hope that these comments are useful.  Overall, we had an absolutely wonderful week, and are extremely grateful to Encounter for all your help.

We really enjoyed our walk. We were incredibly lucky with the weather on the Coleridge Way, and only had one torrential downpour on the Coastal Path.

Route: Coleridge way Name: Harriet Mitchison Walked on: 14th May 2018

UK FlagThe walk was superb - we had three out of four sunny days and the countryside was lovely - much more varied and interesting than I had expected. A great walk.

Encounter’s organisation was very good. I’ve done a number of self-guided walks before and none were as well organised as this - with good quality information provided in advance. Everything went smoothly.

However, I think that the official Coleridge way walking instructions were not as clear as I would have expected. Your guidance notes picked up some but not all of these. In particular, we had an excellent walk over Dunkery beacon - but it was unintended: despite reading the official walk notes carefully, we took the wrong route!

The accommodation was generally very good (especially the Locanda) though the Bath hotel in Lynmouth both had to be shown your note about all bills already settled (ie inefficient) and seemed as if dated from the 1970s.

The community shop in Bicknoller is to be recommended: a table outside for us to eat our lunch, coffee available, free water, and access to the loos in the village hall.

An alternative, to get from Porlock Weir to the church at Culbone and then on to the Coleridge way, is to walk on the Coastal route to the church. This reduces the total climb.


Route: Coleridge Way Name: Rade Walked on: 28th April 2018

Switzerland flagThank you! The walk was perfectly organized! The accomodations (and the food) were excellent. I strongly reccomend Encounter Walking!



Route: Coleridge Way Name: Jon Mugel Walked on: 5th April 2018

USA FlagDamon.  

Just wanted to touch base and thank you for another wonderful visit. Weather was relatively good (given forecast and recent events).  

Loved the whole walk, as did Sarah. Of course Ian and Lynne at the Old Cider House were great, as were Simon and Caroline.

It is so nice to have friendly, welcoming hosts after a long day of travel, on the Whedon Cross-the Exmoor House is great.  What a lovely couple that took it over. The love, pride, attention to detail and hospitality were self-evident.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.  

Locanda on the Weir was also great.  I know we paid extra but it was well worth it. Cindi and Pio went overboard. Wonderful room and sitting room. Pio's homemade dinner was exquisite, as was breakfast. 

In sum, the new owners in Porlock Weir and Whedon Cross should, in our view, be highly recommended (same for Notley Arms and Old Cider).  

Of course, the Rising Sun was just as good-but they seem to be a well established long standing operation.  

Hope to make it back some day, maybe for the two moors Way. Thanks again. Cheers.


Route: Coleridge Way Name: Elsbeth Frischknecht Walked on: 2nd April 2018

Switzerland FlagHello

We enjoyed our walking holiday on the Coleridge Way !

It was all very well organised. Just perfect.

We met a lot of kind and helpful people wherever we were.

But it was very muddy in places. Sometimes it was just not possible to continue on the signed way ….. ???? Never mind, we had proper shoes and didn’t bother about dirty clothes. (I will send you some  pictures.)

Thank you very much for all.


Elsbeth and Maja

Route: The Coleridge Way - Nether Stowey to Lynmouth Name: Vikki Walked on: 24th September 2017

UK FlagThanks to all the team at Encounter for organizing our Coleridge Way walk. I think we were a little out of the ordinary as Hubby and I were walking with our 2 dogs, but luckily Encounter managed to find accommodation that was happy to have us all.

We walked this over five days which made the mileage manageable for the dogs, and thankfully we had dry weather most of the time so could admire the wonderful views. It was a lovely varied route through woodland, farmland, fields, country lanes, moorland. We had fun crossing streams and the finish was perfect following alongside the river from Oare to Lynmouth. We would happily to do it all again.

We opted to do an inland route rather than coastal as I suffer from vertigo and I am happy to say I had no problems with this route. The maps and written instructions were generally clear and the route well signposted. There were a couple of points were we hesitated and we went wrong once but we were corrected by a friendly farmer. We are both reasonably fit and fifty and managed this quite comfortably although we needed to take a few short stops to admire the views on some of the longer ascents. We would definitely use Encounter again. Many Thanks, Vikki, Giovanni, Fizzy and Chase.

Route: Coleridge Way Lynmouth to Nether Stowey Name: AMP Walked on: 21st September 2017

UK FlagEnjoyed the walk very much, especially not having to use the waterproofs over the 4 days.  The only part of the trail we did not care for was following the A39 from the pub at marker 25 to marker 20 - the traffic noise was very unpleasant.  If we do this walk again (which is possible, doing it from Nether Stowey to Lynmouth this time), we would prefer to walk over the Beacon Hill/Longstone Hill area to get better views and avoid the racket.

In every other respect, the Coleridge Way was a great success, all the arrangements were good and all the B & Bs excellent.

Route: Coleridge way and St Ives to Penzance Name: Angelika & Helene Walked on: 12th August 2017

German FlagDear Ellie, we had two wonderful walks and a most enjoyable holiday due to the perfect organization and coordination of two walks in a busy season, absolutely reliable luggage transfer, the detailed information provided, the thoughtful choice of splendid accommodation and all the advice you gave us in planning the two walks! So, very many thanks for this and we certainly will plan the next walks in the UK with you.  (This you can put this on your webpage, if you like, but without the e-mail address and our first names only).

Route: Coleridge Way - Nether Stowey to Lynmouth and Lynmouth to Minehead Name: Frank and Shirley Walked on: 8th July 2017

Scotland flagWe have recently returned from this lovely walk. It was our first time to this part of England and our first experience of a long-distance path in this country. We had a great time. Even the one rainy day was enjoyable.

The route directions and maps were excellent. We only went wrong once when we did not trust the finger pointer because there was no apparent path in that direction (point 59 on map and directions). We were back on track in a few minutes.

Incidentally, the "rugged alternative route" on the SWCP Porlock to Minehead is now signed on the ground as the main route with the easier route as the alternative. We took the rugged route and were very pleased that we did. It is a beautiful walk and only rugged due to the many ups and downs at the combes.

We would also recommend the alternative route through Embelle and Culbone Woods between Lynmouth and Porlock: there was no difficulty with that route, even for us old'uns. All accommodation was good.

All arrangements worked fine. We would certainly use Encounter again if we arrange any similar trips.

Route: The Coleridge Way - Relaxed Route Name: David Walked on: 1st July 2017

Swiss flagWe had a wonderful experience.

It started with very detailed information sent timely by mail and upon request an additional GPX-file for my GPS device.

Since this was our first long distance walk we selected the more relaxed version. On most days we had some energy left at the end of the day and so added some extra local rounds :).

Highlights were the excursion to Williton, passing through meadows with sheep and wild rabbits and then visiting the old railway station there. Another high point was the detour to Dunkery Beacon, it's moorland offered fantastic views and several groups of wild ponies!

The route was very well signposted on the vast majority of the trail and when it wasn't then the trail directions and our GPS soon sent us on the right track again.

Organization wise everything went smoothly.

We came back from this walk with so many beautiful memories that we already started thinking about our next walk. And Encounter Walking Holiday will be our first choice.

Route: Coleridge Way - Nether Stowey to Lynmouth Name: Angela Walked on: 19th June 2017

England flagWe both had a great time - it was an incredible experience, though the first two days were unbearably hot and we had to adjust the walking a bit for my dog who just gave up after the first day of walking in such heat.  Still it was better than rain!

In terms of feedback - we have a few suggestions which we hope might be helpful for you and other walkers doing the trail with a dog.

1.  Generally the instructions were fine, but we went wrong several times due to the fact that the information was sometimes ambiguous, often not quite clear or specific enough and occasionally there was too much information.  Also some of the landmarks that we had to look out for were missing.  i.e. gates, lack of signs etc.  We met another couple who had the same problems - so our suggestion would be for someone to re-do the walk with the instructions to hand and bring them up to date.

2. The accommodation was good, comfortable and welcoming. Thank you so much for emailing ahead about my vegan diet - I think all the places we stayed were aware and had made allowances which was great.  The bag collection system worked really well - and nothing got waylaid or lost!  Great we didn't have to worry about that side of things. The taxi pick up to Porlock Weir worked really well  too - no problems at all.

3.  As this was a dog walking holiday, it occurred to me that whilst all the places we stayed were dog friendly - it might be helpful if they were also able to provide some dog facilities and accessories - i.e. a tin or two of dog food, poo bags, dog wipes, dog towel, water etc.  Because of the heat a lot of the dog food that I was carrying got overly warm (yuk) and its also heavy when carrying a week's worth in your suitcase.  It might be something that those doing the walk wouldn't mind paying a bit extra for. Just an idea.

The walk was something I'd always wanted to do, and having a goal to achieve each day was great. It was a lot harder than my sister and I (and probably the dog) thought it would be due to the undulating landscape and difficult terrain underfoot. But we did it, and have the certificates to prove it! A great achievement, a lovely walk and something I would certainly do again.  Thank you for all your help, encouragement and efficient organisation in finding the accommodation, sending maps etc.  It was fabulous.

Route: Coleridge Way Name: Julia Walked on: 7th May 2017

United Kingdom flagExcellent notes on route and yellow maps very helpful - fabulous scenery and very varied. Good way marks and good to start in Nether Stowey ( especially at the Old cider House where Ian Pearson signed our book he wrote on the route) and end in Lynmouth

Accommodation - Overall good with 3 excellent - The Old Cider House, the Notley Arms ( even though being refurbished) and Millers at the Anchor where the bedrooms were superb and fabulous location. Recommend eating at the Rising Sun which has Les Routiers status and delicious food. Disappointing welcome at Wheddon Cross - the b nd b nearby looked very good - Sundial House. Very helpful receptionist at the Bath Hotel in Lynmouth - there was a baggage problem with the transfer and she let us use the phone and was very supportive.

We would happily use your company again and thanks.


Route: coleridge way Name: mike smith Walked on: 13th October 2016

UK FlagThoroughly enjoyed it. All arrangements without a hitch, only 1 significant error in route finding at the ambiguous sign in Mansley Combe where, despite your comments, I managed to make the wrong choice and we ended up on Dunkery Beacon, but, we didn't mind, we had the wind at our backs, blue skies alternating with ferocious roiling clouds, and showers that came and went in 60 seconds every 15 minutes or so.

Loved the holloways, the ancient walls, but above all, the trees - it's a paradise for tree-huggers! The last few miles into Lynmouth, in the company of the East Lyn River, absolutely stunning. Maybe we drank and ate a little too much sitting in comfortable and friendly pubs every night and didn't return quite as fit and wiry as we would have liked, but it would have to be a very miserable person to complain about that. Many thanks Encounter, for your work in making our trip so enjoyable.

Route: The Coleridge Way to Lynmouth Name: Jill + 1 Walked on: 11th October 2016

UK FlagHi Damon - Just to say our trip was excellent and to thank you all for making it so. No problems encountered at all. We were lucky with the weather, the views were stunning, the trees showing beautiful autumn and all the stopovers and meals spot on! It is indeed a quiet and maybe unnoticed part of the country - I shall be passing on how good it all is. What a trip to remember thanks to all your arrangements.  Kind regards Jill

Route: The Coleridge Way Name: Elizabeth and Carol Walked on: 10th October 2016

  • UK FlagWhat a great walk
  • Everything was just right. The accommodation was perfect. The most beautiful paths ever. Just one problem we got lost twice. Section 57 Road water in the woods and Section 92 93 Dunkley to the river. But still we loved it and we ended in the right place If I come down to the south I will definitely use you again We really had a great time Thank you Elizabeth and Carol

Route: The Coleridge way Name: Ann and Bob Walked on: 8th October 2016

UK FlagHello Damon, Thanks for all the arrangements you made for us on the Coleridge Way (Oct 2016).  The accommodation was first class with all hosts very welcoming.  The signage was very good throught the walk and along with the route description kept us on the right track (except when we were not paying attention). 

Had no problem accessing the walk via public transport, though we understand the bus from Bridgewater to Nether Stowey is being discontinued, so could cause a problem in the future.  We loved the variety of scenery offered on this walk which made the steep uphill sections worthwhile.  Can thoroughly recommend the walk in this quiet part of England (we didn't meet any other walkers).

Route: Coleridge Way and Coast Path back to Minehead Name: Lynn Walked on: 3rd October 2016

UK FlagWe had a very good holiday the walking was excellent and the weather was perfect. The luggage transfer went without a hitch, the accommodation was adequate, the best B&B was The Rest and Be Welcome at Wheddon Cross.

Route: Coleridge Way Name: joyce whatley Walked on: 3rd October 2016

UK FlagFirst organised walk I have done, took my small Jack Russell and we were both very well looked after at stop. Coleridge's cottage worth a visit, The pub in Nether Stowey had a quiz which added to the fun. Walk across the Quantocks interesting and demanding, and the trail over Exmoor gave wonderful views. Cold and sunny but did not take light weight clothing to put on at stops, therefore stiffened up when we stopped for tea, a pac a mac and similar trousers would have been a good idea.

Pubs all comfortable and friendly with good food. Breakfasts were good for the cooked part although a whole tomato would have been good, but fresh fruit and yogurt and better cereal would be good, The pub at wheddon cross went to the shop early to cater for us, also we needed to eat earlier than offered and the pub at Monksilver although very friendly did not cater well for an earlier start. very good information excellent organisation, thank you

Route: The Coleridge Way Name: Christine Southern Walked on: 29th September 2016

UK FlagA very varied and challenging walk, beautiful vistas but quite long walking days.

Day 1. to Monksilver. 15miles plus. No.7 be careful to spot this track, we didn't spot the sign. No.21 saw the layby but not the track running along the lower edge of the deer park. West Quantoxhead, the Windmill Inn was shut. This section is a little too long for the first day!

Day 2 to Wheddon Cross. 14miles. No. 59 a way marker would have been useful here in the field. The blue markings sometimes confusing!

Day 3 to Porlock Weir. 14 miles. If staying at Exmoor House walk along the A396 and be very careful to spot the really low waymark No.88 to Raleigh Manor. No.100 missed the sign and came out of the woods at Higher Brockwell very confusing. Webbers Post area is very beautiful.

Porlock a very pretty town, forestry commission works in the wood No.126 made for very muddy walking to Porlock Weir.

Day 4 to Lynmouth. 15miles. My favourite days walking with the sea on our right and then the Brendon Hills and lastly a beautiful riverside walk to Lynmouth. At Ash Bridge there is a diversion to the other side of the river, with Watersmeet House closed for refurbishment for 6months. Recross to the route at Countisbury bridge. A great challenge with super memories. Thank you team.


Route: Coleridge Way Name: Helena & Geoff Walked on: 22nd September 2016

UK FlagThis was our fourth holiday arranged with Encounter and, once again, many thanks to Damon, Ellie and the rest of the team for organising everything so brilliantly. The luggage transfers and taxi back to Nether Stowey at the end of the holiday all worked smoothly and we enjoyed the B&B accommodation. Our favourite was Woodadvent Farm where we received a very warm welcome from Diana and the dogs, had a lovely big room and enjoyed a beautifully cooked evening meal served in the candlelit dining room. Other special mentions go to Exmoor House at Wheddon Cross (for the welcome and the food), Staghunters Inn at Brendon (for a wonderful venison casserole) and the Lyn Valley Hotel in Lynmouth (for a very friendly welcome and a bathroom with the best shower we’ve ever come across!)

We really enjoyed the mix of countryside on the walk – in particular the green lanes, ancient bridleways and the far reaching views of the Quantocks and Exmoor. We had been looking forward to diverting over Dunkery Beacon but, unfortunately, low cloud and pouring rain meant that we decided to stay on the Coleridge Way instead. From Porlock to Porlock Weir we did divert off the CW by walking down Sparkhayes Lane and then along the Coast Path. We were in Lynmouth by lunchtime on the last day so added on the extra extension round to Poets Corner – well worth doing for the trip on the cliff railway, excellent coastal views and a close up view of the wild goats. Thanks again, Damon, and we’re already thinking about walk number five!


Route: Coleridge Way Name: Paul and Pam Walked on: 16th September 2016

USA FlagMy wife and I had a wonderful time on our recent walk. As we flew back to the US, we found ourselves discussing our next trip(!) It's difficult to describe to Americans just how unique it is to walk in the UK. There is simply no experience like it in our country. The British tradition of free access (property owners along public footpaths must, by law, permit hikers to cross their land) is quite foreign to Americans.

We met a lot of friendly sheep, horses, chickens - and, to our surprise, an ostrich - on farms along the way. Interestingly, we met just one person working outside: a boy who was feeding the chickens. Otherwise, we had free and sole access to gorgeous expanses of land.

To Damon and his teammates at Encounter Walking Holidays, I'd like to say "Thank you so much" for guiding us through the selection process. We appreciate your patience and help - especially during the (now) amusing failure of the Great Western Railway web-based reservation system. For a few days, the GWR was unable to book reservations for customers outside the UK. Damon reached out to his contact there, confirmed the problem and gave us some alternatives. Luckily, GWR fixed the problem in time and we made it to Taunton just fine. Damon and crew were also responsive to our lodging requests - e.g., distances to walk and services provided (main requirement: good pubs)

The Coleridge Way is a relatively new pathway and that may explain why we met only 2 other groups during our 7 days of walking. That was an unexpected delight. We found, though, that we were spoiled: as we drew within a mile of Lynmouth and we started to encounter walkers out of that town, we knew our vacation was drawing to a close. Being in our 60's and not in tip-top shape, we were a bit nervous about the distances. But it really wasn't much of an issue - though, when we do it again, which we surely will, we'll eliminate the 11+ mile days. Walking poles turned out to be a terrific idea, as were the Gore-Tex clothes for the one rainy day. I'll post some pics of the walk (interesting fact: my iPhone 6S Plus took better pictures than my $500 Canon S120). All in all, a wonderful experience. Thanks again.


Route: Coleridge Way Full Route Name: B & L - Shropshire Walked on: 31st August 2016

UK FlagThe Coleridge Way was brilliant and everything went very well, even the weather was nearly all wonderful!  The only part where we encountered any problem was coming down through the woods on the St. Audries estate. Finding the path was not easy from the description, but we worked it out eventually. Otherwise the trail was ok, indeed bracken had been fairly recently cut back, which was good as we were conscious of the risk of ticks and Lymes disease.

Accommodation was good, the Sundial House B and B at Wheddon Cross deserves special mention, they were delightful. Margaret and Stephen went the extra mile. Tea and cake in the garden when we arrived and Steve dried our boots overnight....without being asked! Also, there is a very comfortable sitting room for the evening and a super breakfast.

On the Porlock to Lynmouth stretch, it is definitely worth going to the Lorna Doone Farm in Malmesmead....a drink and a bowl of chips was a great Sunday lunch and fueled us ready for the walk to the NT cafe at Watersmeet.

All the luggage transfers were good and the taxi people in Lynmouth were great. We actually did Coombe Martin to Lynmouth on our extra day.....the weather was not good enough to do Simonsbath to Lynmouth. We started in low cloud, but we ended in sunshine and the Hunters Inn  was most welcome en route.

Thanks so much for all you did to make it possible, you worked very hard in a short space of time  to make it happen. It is something we will remember....indeed we got our certificate from the Exmoor National Park Office near the harbour to prove it!


Route: Coleridge WAy Name: Tony Kite Walked on: 20th August 2016

UK FlagHaving just completed the Coleridge Way I would like to say how impressed I was with your superb organisation. The laminated maps and route details were great and we only got a little bit lost twice, mainly my fault at Mansley Coombe. All the overnight stops were fine, the baggage transfers were fine and the taxi back to the start was great. - I shall recommend your organisation if I have the chance.

Route: Coleridge Way Nether Stowey to Lynmouth Name: Mike and Mary Walked on: 24th July 2016

UK FlagHerewith some feedback as requested.

1. The arrangements and documentation were excellent. Everything went like clockwork and the only glitches were of our own making.

2. The best accommodation was at Millers and Staghunters the rest were much of a muchness.

3 .The food was generally good pub quality with high points in Williton and Wheddon Cross. Millers food was in a different category but we felt it was not quite up to the prices charged.

4. No problems finding the route as we use viewranger tracker but signage on Exmoor was worse than in the Quantocks. Some green lanes on Exmoor were rather overgrown but it was possible to walk through fields alongside. Cow/bull issues only once!

5.Due to bad weather we omitted the Wheddon Cross to Porlock sector so cannot comment on that stretch.

We did find the first walking day a bit tiring as we measured it at 13.5 miles and would probably have preferred to stay in Bicknoller.

All in all a very good week and thanks for such excellent arrangements.

Route: Coleridge Way Nether Stowey to Lynmouth Name: Jan Walked on: 14th July 2016

Netherlands FlagWe very much enjoyed our Coleridge way walk, thursday 14 -tuesday 19 july. The old cider house, nether stowey, nice genial hosts, good man is Ian, good beds, good english breakfast. A good start of our route.

Stilegate b&b, west Quantoxhead, very luxurious room and luxurious breakfast, Heidi really took care of us. Her husband even drove us to our dinner at the Bicknoller Inn and arranged with the landlord to call us a taxi back. We understood that the Windmill Inn is seen as a roadhouse and not a holiday-ish place. It certainly looked forbidding when we passed it just before walking up to Stilegate.

Trinity cottage , Roadwater, nice and quiet, Abigail as nice and quiet, good beds and breakfast. Lunch at the Notley arms was wonderfull. The host makes you feel welcome and serves good food and a nice pint of Pleasant Pheasant to go with it. On the way we visited the church at Sampford Brett, managed by a spruce elderly couple who told us that the village of 200 mostly elderly were welcome a new young inhabitant. Of 65 years...

The rest and be thankful, wheddon cross, is exactly how you feel when you arrive. Had a good night's rest there, evening meal adequate, busy restaurant with correct service. The Royal Oak in Luxborough served a nice lunch outside on their small front terrace halfway our walk.

Route: at number 70, the big post bearing the feather has rotted down and lies ond the ground. Leaving the woods it is not immediately clear which way you need to go. Using the map you can' t go wrong as it is straight ahead up the field.  In general it seemed to us that the first half of the route is better kept than the second. Feathers are less weather worn. Of the path between 72 and 73, the last half was overgrown with nettles and brambles, so we had to take to the field itself.

Millers at the anchor was a very memorable stay. Drinks outside with a view of the rapidly ebbing harbour and a very good restaurant. We took a packed lunch from The Rest and be thankfull which wasn't very good, just an expensive sandwich. Enjoyed a tea and scones in Porlock before walking via Sparkhayes lane to the seaside and following the coastal path to the Weir in stead of taking the official route which is yet another shady lane without much of a view. The C way has many of such lanes we found. We came to understand why people prefer to walk the route in spring. Foliage is 't blocking views as much as in summer. The same goes for the sometimes shouderhigh ferns out on the moors.

More route feedback: you warned us to take a different path after point 95. We did so quite clearly but found that after that, going up on the moors to point 100 at Brockwell, the route signs weren't as clear nor as numerous as before so we relied on the compass to keep a path generally in the direction of Brockwell. The post bearing the roadsign to Spangate grove, somewhere between 97 and 99, was lying flat on the ground too.

The Staghunters Inn, Brendon. Very agreeable stay. Nice room, in the back a big and quiet,very well kept garden, beer and cider on the grass beside the river in front. Dinner was an adequate pub meal, all hosted genially.

Rock house, Lynmouth. Busy people, at once you are in a busy tourist village where service is somewhat less personable. The location and the views however we very much enjoyed, as we did the restfull afternoon on the lawn next to the minigolf, with a view of the sea.

On the next morning the owner of Riverside Taxis brought us back to Nether Stowey. A nice talkative man who fled from a too hectic life with hasty people around Oxford to a financially less nly more rewarding life in Lynmouth.

We had a happy holiday, not,in the least thanks to your careful and detailed planning. I'll send you some pictures separately. Thanks!

Route: Coleridge Way Nether Stowey to Lynmouth Name: Becci and Kellen Walked on: 13th July 2016

UK FlagWe had a truly fantastic walk - thank you!

The weather was amazing (almost too hot at times, but I won't complain!!)

We really enjoyed every bit of it (except maybe the dead sheep!)

Navigation was easy - although occasionally well meaning locals tried to tell us we were going the wrong way - clearly we weren't but maybe some parts of the route have changed / moved ? We took all the optional diversions / additions (including Dunkery Beacon - in a heat wave - this was about the only place we saw any other walkers on the whole route) and ended up with a total walk of 68 miles.

A really fabulous walk which deserves its high position in long distance walking circles. Can't wait for the next one!

Route: Coleridge Way Full Route Name: Sylvie - Oxford +3 walkers and 2 dogs... Walked on: 20th June 2016

UK FlagThe whole holiday was beautifully managed and was a brilliant experience.  Each place we stayed was very welcoming and gave a high level of comfort, luggage always preceded us smoothly, food delicious, landscape breathtaking, weather perfect for walking, not a single fly in the ointment so many thanks for organising it so efficiently

Route: Coleridge Way to Porlock Weir, SWCP Porlock Weir to Minehead Name: Monica and Chris (Oakland, CA) Walked on: 18th June 2016

USA FlagWhat a wonderful experience! We took the relaxed option (5 days walking) and stopped at Nether Stowey, Williton, Roadwater, Wheddon Cross, Porlock Weir, and Minehead, which is easier to get back from than Lynmouth. Ian and Lynne (and Ozy!) have some sort of magical alchemy going on at Old Cider House at Nether Stowey, definitely the best overall accommodation. When I booked I was concerned we wouldn't be able to make Monksilver the first night -- however if we do it again I would push on because the vibe at Notley Arms was great and so was the barkeep and his dog. Highly recommend Wood Advent Farm, too -- gorgeous setting, wonderful hosts, and the dogs are a big plus. Exmoor House and the Cafe at Porlock Weir had the best cooking, though all meals were delicious. Many inns offered alternatives to the full English breakfast, which I appreciated.

Luggage transfers were completely reliable. I recommend bringing carry-on sized bags even when booking luggage service, sometimes floor space is at a premium. We got lost a couple times navigating through pastures but the sheep helped us out (https://www.instagram.com/p/BHCVfpsj32M). Even getting lost we were able to average 1.5-2 miles/hour including stopping for pictures and lunch. A compass is a must, as is carefully identifying the fence lines when walking through tall grass (marked in black on the OS maps). The notes in the Coleridge Companion were a useful addition to the official directions. My favorites were the many green lanes, perfect for shelter from sun or rain. I also enjoyed the last day on SWCP, beautiful change of scenery and wildlife.

Damon and Ellie did a wonderful job organizing the trip, which allowed us to relax and enjoy our walk without worrying about accommodations or transfers. The only thing I would change would be to book the incoming transfer a little later than the train arrival, our train was delayed and our taxi had to come back to the station. I hope we can do another trip soon!


Route: Coleridge Way Nether Stowey to Lynmouth Name: TP - Switzerland Walked on: 18th May 2016

Flag of SwitzerlandSo were are already back in Switzerland again! We once again had a wonderful time in the UK.

We saw no other walkers on the Coleridge Way, which is very pity. It is a beautiful way and it has everything: Moorland, coasts, woodland, streams, lovely villages, farmland and greens. May is also a wonderful time with all the flowers.

The accommodations were superb. Fabulous houses with nice rooms, all very clean. The breakfasts were outstanding, all made fresh and absolutely delicious. All people were very friendly. The descriptions and markers were very good and we had no problems to find the way. Point 7 is not difficult to find anymore. There is a new signpost standing there just beside the route.

From Williton back to the Way we took the Public Way to Aller Cottage and then further on to Aller Farm (blue 08 at the OS-map) It is not so dull as the road to Sampford Brett and very beautiful. Every day I saw Bluebells. Beyond Monksilver as we climbed Birds Hill it was millions of them. Very beautiful!  The Valley of Rocks was wonderful.

The weather was very good and dry. On Saturday we had some rain, but it was no heavy rain, otherwise it was sunny. I don't know why people always complain about the english weather. Since we are back in Switzerland it rains night and day!

One more time I want to thank you and your team for a perfect organized Walking Holiday!

Route: Coast Path and Coleridge Way Minehead to Woolacombe Name: Gabriele Walked on: 28th March 2016

Flag of GermanyThanks very much for the (like allways) super organisation. Even the weahter was fine - sometimes the light was so dramatic and the sky was so beautiful  with rainbows over the seaside. I didn't get wet. It rained only, when I just was in the pub.  I walked a stretch on the Coleridge-Way - it's so gorcious! There is such a wunderfull quietness in the nature - you only listen to birds, sheep and  water - Time seems so be stopped there, the enviroument is still like described in Lorna Doone!


Route: Coleridge Way Name: Richard Duggleby - UK Walked on: 27th March 2016

Flag of the United KingdomDecided on 'relaxed' 6 day option plus 2 days at the end on the Coastal Path back to Minehead from Lynmouth. The organisation of our 8 day walk, overnight stays, route notes plus general help could not have been bettered. Well done to Damon and his team. We will definitely use you again. Thank you.

Route: Coleridge Way Nether Stowey to Porlock Name: Margaret Walked on: 10th September 2015

Flag of ScotlandColeridge Way completed to Porlock! Great walk - charmed by villages, green lanes, ancient bridle paths, woodland and moors.  Accommodation worked out very well - all walker friendly. Cider house best, followed by Porlock (best breakfast as there were alternatives to"full English"!) Pub food recommended was all good - favourite was masons arms in williton. Directions and maps were great and only two cow incidents.

Route: Coleridge Way - 5 days Name: Gwyn - Australia Walked on: 13th August 2015

Flag of AustraliaIn spite of 3 days of rain out of the 5 days walking, we loved the walk - a variety of landscapes, various points of historic interest and, when not raining, spectacular views across land and sea. We were very happy with the length we chose allowing us to pause and reflect whenever we chose.

Day 1: Nether Stowey to Williton - it was a beautiful sunny day so, backed up by the OS map, we decided to leave the recommended route (which followed the contour of the Quantocks) just after Alfoxton and head up and over the top. One surprise was the number of tracks on the moors, but with compass, map and advice from an entomologist, our walk was straight forward. Would only take this option on clear sunny days, never in cloud and rain.

Day 2: weather forecast of 30mph winds and rain was daunting but the route through green lanes protected us from the worst of the weather and created some wonderful memories. In spite of our wet and bedraggled appearance for lunch at The Notley Arms, Monksilver, we were greeted with kindness and warmth. The owner very interested and knowledgeable about the area - could not recommend this pub highly enough - as well as very good food and beverages. The best day overall for constant changes of landscape, vistas and interest.

Day 3: Roadwater to Wheddon Cross - if you have bad weather, suggest a diversion to a pub lunch because the Coleridge Way is more exposed than any other day and finding a protected spot out of wind and rain is difficult.

Day 4: Wheddon Cross to Porlock - the Coleridge Way comes out at Webber's Post at a small car park, ignore this one, the large car park over the two roads is what you need (#104); the contour traverse along the Dunster Path (#101) to Webber's post was rocky and pitted underfoot due to high rain and subsequent washout.

Day 5: Porlock to Minehead, South East Coastal path: we chose a mixture of the normal track and the 'rugged' track - if you have any problems with heights, the 'rugged' track is not recommend. We chatted to some seasoned walkers who noted that the 'rugged' walk does not have the open sweeping views of the coast lines, and on a hot and humid day, there is more breeze on top.

The Coleridge Way notes were excellent and essential; some Quill markers are getting somewhat weathered but by using both the notes and the OS map the Way is clear. All logistics, accommodation, recommendations etc worked like a dream - thank you to Damon and everyone at Encounter Walking. We have recommended you to others, and will continue to do so. Thank you everyone involved in the Coleridge Way.

Route: Coleridge Way Name: Penny Walked on: 28th June 2015

Encounter Walking Holidays logoI spoke to someone early on Tuesday morning.  You were unable to book accommodation etc. for us because of your work commitments and the short time available. However you gave valuable advice about logistics, direction and accommodation.  Thanks to that I was able to book the 3 days (though we had to move it back a day because of the Ironman in Wheddon Cross on 27 June!). I really appreciate your help and will have no hesitation in contacting you again, -with more notice!  I will also recommend you to other walking friends.

Route: Coleridge Way Full Route Nether Stowey to Lynmouth Name: Russell Walked on: 15th October 2014

Flag of the United KingdomMy wife & I completed the Coleridge Way from Nether Stowey to Lynmouth in early October. Walk itself was very good; interesting & varied - weather was brilliant! Route info was excellent although I may not be the best person to judge as I've been hill walking for 60 years, love maps and can usually find my way without additional instructions. All the ancillary info was also very useful except that Luxborough Tea Gardens have been closed for some time, or so we were told. All the accommodation was either very good or excellent.

Thank-you for your efforts

Route: Coleridge Way to Porlock and SWCP back to Minehead Name: Beverley Walked on: 5th October 2014

Flag of the United KingdomEverything was great thank you - all worked like clockwork and arrangements perfect.  Particular high point: Notley Inn - great accommodation and food.  Also - taxi was dead on time!

We really enjoyed the contrast of each day, covering over the 4 days woodland, moors, heathland and the coast - fabulous scenery.  The signage on the Day 2 route wasn't quite as good as elsewhere but your notes guided us perfectly. 

Also, on the coastal path there were 2/3 broken (looked vandalised?) signs so we missed taking the longer route and ended up staying on the main path - actually worked out better for us as it happens but you may want to report the signs.

Route: The Coleridge Way Name: Robert Brewin Walked on: 22nd September 2014

Flag of the United KingdomThe weather was excellent for our walk as was the accommodation you recommended and booked for our party of four. We found that in some cases the packed lunches could be purchased more cheaply from places where there was a village store available (we were a little disappointed at the cost/value of the packed lunch from Nether Stowey). At all stop-overs the luggage carriers were very helpful and efficient. We suggest that beyond Roadwater, where your instructions refer to 'initial path options on the left' that the two misleading signs are removed. From our initially booking the holiday through your company we have been impressed by the way you have supplied all information and updates throughout, and would not hesitate to recommend you to others or book again ourselves. Many thanks Bob and Rosemary. PS. upon our return my wife celebrated her 80th birthday in style!

Route: Coleridge Way to Lynmouth and Coast Path back to Minehead Name: Chris + 3 Walked on: 14th September 2014

Flag of the United KingdomJust got back from a really great walking holiday. Many thanks, it just went like clockwork.

A wonderful range of landscapes.  Rain only on one day, and our trip up Dunkery Beacon was in low cloud so we could only see 100m - A bit of adversity creates some variety! Excellent places to stay, where we really felt comfortable and welcome.

Highlights for us were The Gables, The Notley Arms and the Millers at the Anchor. The Bath Hotel at Lynmouth was the least impressive - a bit dated and faded.  Probably not much choice in Lynmouth, though we wondered if some of the B and B’s on the way in would be keen on business. Very good suggestion to leave Culborne Church to the trip back along the SWCP.

Thanks again for your help and organisation.

Route: Coleridge Way, then SW Coast Name: Penny Walked on: 7th September 2014

Flag of the United KingdomI would thoroughly recommend the Coleridge Way, a wonderfully varied few days taking in the Quantocks, Brendon Hills, Exmoor and the coast at magical Porlock Weir. My only comment was that I did it too fast, if I did it again - and I well might!- I would take a day longer, in order to enjoy and explore more of the villages and just sit and enjoy the surroundings. The organisation was caring and efficient. Just be aware that with the extension to the Path the 'walking notes' need rechecking, some of the direction posts have obviously been renewed as the Path was rethought and some are different from that stated. But with the help of the OS maps I only overshot the mark once (just after the viewpoint at the top of the hill out of Monksilver) Most of the accommodation was excellent, luggage transfer went well, favourite resting places: Bottom Ship at Porlock Weir for kindness, location and a BATH, and Penny and John at Mellstock House in Combe Martin - spot on! Thank you, Damon, for also providing wonderful Indian summer weather and many memories to take me through the winter months.

Route: Coleridge Way Name: Carolyn & Mike Walked on: 15th July 2014

Flag of the United KingdomThis was our second walk with Encounter, and as before we found the organisation excellent from beginning to end. Our luggage was always waiting for us at the end of the day, a very welcome sight (sometimes in our room which was even better). The detailed walking itinerary was invaluable and we found that by paying great attention to this (aided and abetted by an OS map and a compass) we found our way relatively easily even on the stretches over fields and moorland where the path wasn't so clearly defined. Although not a difficult walk, we were pleased that we chose to do it over 4 days. For us, on this type of terrain, around 10 miles a day was ideal. We were extremely lucky with the weather, the scenery was varied and ranged from ancient forest tracks (rides) to undulating heathland with far reaching views in places. We passed through some beautiful villages. Unfortunately some of these no longer have anywhere to buy refreshments (warning that this was the case was given in Damon's walking notes) so it was essential to ensure we had adequate provisions for that day when setting off. On those days where we did find an open pub we thought the food at The Windmill Inn at West Quantoxhead was rather disappointing and The Notley Arms at Monksilver was rather expensive with a "compulsory" 10% tip added to the bill. The open tea gardens at Horner were a welcome sight and very popular with walkers. Overall the accommodation was very good. Starting our walk from The Coleridge Suite at The Old House in Nether Stowey seemed appropriate. This was a beautiful character filled place (and an enormous room) with a fabulous garden. The only downside was that in order to retain the character of the accommodation our bathroom was not ensuite, but actually located across a landing. It would have been nice if bath robes had been provided. We would recommend The Ancient Mariner pub just up the road for an evening meal, again full of character and atmosphere. Our room at the Masons Arms in Williton was very comfortable (it even had a fridge) with a modern bathroom,complete with bath. It was also surprisingly quiet considering it was located adjacent to the car park. We enjoyed an evening meal in the pub and a good breakfast to send us on our way the next morning. Woodadvent Farm at Roadwater was yet another wonderful old building, this time located in the middle of the countryside. We had an enthusiastic greeting from Diana (and the 2 spaniels!) and were made to feel very welcome. We particularly enjoyed the evening meal she provided which was beautifully cooked and served in the atmospheric dining room. Our next night was spent at Exmoor House, Wheddon Cross. This was originally a tailor's shop and the original dark wood panelling is still in place throughout. Unfortunately, we were the only guests that night which made it feel rather lifeless. This was also not helped by the fact that there are no televisions in any of the rooms. We felt this to be a drawback as we like to be able to check the weather forecast for the following day's walk. Although we enjoyed the homecooked evening meal we had pre-booked, we did feel it was somewhat overpriced. Our favourite B&B was The Gables at Porlock, where we ended our walk,with it's picture postcard looks and charming garden to relax in. Our room was prettily and comfortably furnished and the bathroom (complete with bath) was spacious and bright. Breakfast was plentiful and excellent. All our hosts throughout the walk were friendly and welcoming and had positive comments to make about their dealings with Encounter. This all made for a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable holiday with no hitches. We would definitely recommend to friends and certainly hope to use your services again.

Route: Coleridge Way Name: Richard Soper Walked on: 8th June 2014

Flag of the United KingdomGreat walk and the pubs we stayed in were excellent. Really good organisation throughout.

Route: Coleridge Way and Coast Path Name: Derek - UK Walked on: 1st June 2014

Flag of the United KingdomFollowing our mail in early January I have at last walked the Coleridge Way (not including the extension) and coast path from Porlock to Combe Martin.

Its really a lovely walk through superb countryside and I really enjoyed it. All the b+bs you suggested worked well and I particularly liked the Valiant Soldier and Mellstock where John made me feel most welcome even to the extent of getting up at some ungodly hour to cook me breakfast .

I think that I agree with you now that 4 days allowed was not enough time especially for an old man of 70 carrying his luggage but I finished up with 3 nights rest on Lundy, an island I love.

Thanks again for all your help and hope we can do some more business in future with me as a paying customer.
All the best,


Route: Coleridge Way Name: Kyra Stephanoff Walked on: 1st June 2014

Flag of the United States of AmericaWe walked from Nether Stowey to Porlock (3 days) and then on our 4th day walked the Coastal Path from Porlock to Minehead. If one has only four days, I highly recommend this route. We did not meet any other walkers on the Coleridge Way which had gentle climbs and passed through only a few small villages.

The Coleridge Way was very muddy in places and despite having Gortex boots our feet did get wet. For most of the time the quill sign posts do a good job directing one but if in doubt always check the map and written directions that Encounter Walking sends out. On the first two days we managed to get off route because we were not being attentive enough, but by using the OS maps we recovered our mistakes easily.

On our third day, up on the moor, the quill markings are absent and we did go off route despite paying attention to the written instructions. Between Hanny Combe and Brockwell our instructions did not correspond to the paths present. However, if one downloads the Coleridge Way route guide (perhaps this is more up to date?) the instructions are correct, i.e. just follow the way marker to Brockwell #99 and ignore other comments about taking the second left etc. A compass and mapping reading enabled us to recover without too much difficulty.

Overall we had a fantastic walk. Damon was very helpful in putting together the places we stayed in. All the B&B's were very nice. Some we liked more than others but we would stay in all of them again. Because this walk goes through small villages one should expect to eat mostly pub food, which we like. Walkers from the USA, like us, should realize that it rains and be prepared! We were and did not mind the weather at all. We both LOVED the Scrumpy and cannot wait to come back for more. Thank you Damon, everything went smoothly and we hope to use Encounterwalking again.

Route: Coleridge Way to Porlock Name: Andrew & Jane Walked on: 30th May 2014

Encounter Walking Holidays logoArrived in Nether Stowey late on a Friday afternoon just in time for a cream tea at Coleridge Cottage, run by the NT. This was a good start to what turned out to be an excellent walk though wonderfully peaceful countryside ranging across the Quantocks, the Brendon Hills and Exmoor. We were struck by the abundant bird life, the sight of red deer and an almost total absence of other walkers (three in four days).

Eating: Two of the pubs in Nether Stowey are currently closed (Rose & Crown and Ancient Mariner) but both should be open in June after refurbishment.

Accommodation: All recommendations were very good and we were entirely happy with all the arrangements. The spectacular garden at the Old House in Nether Stowey deserves a special mention as does the warmth of hospitality and first class breakfast delivered by our hosts, Manor and Ann. The Gables in Porlock was a good finishing point (for us); a pretty thatched property in a quiet location. All B and B hosts were most welcoming to us despite us arriving in boots and muddy and wet on occasion; this was most appreciated.

Route: The route notes provided were especially useful when walking across the broad expanse of Lype Common, for finding field gates in ‘over the horizon’ wire fencing to the very large fields. There are no discernible footpaths across the common, so gates can easily be missed by a wide margin. Otherwise, the route is well marked by a distinctive quill pen symbol. The Visitors Centre in Porlock issues certificates to those completing the route but there was some query about eligibility due to a recent extension by another 15 miles, finishing in Lynton. We’re already planning our assault on the final section. 

Encounter Walking Note - We have been involved in the extension which is now open, have walked and checked it and details will be on the website ready for next season however anyone needing advice on it for this year just ask as we  have it all fully logged and checked...and yes its a worthy extra day / 2 days walk !

Bill, Exmoor Taxi’s, was very flexible and efficient in transporting us back to Nether Stowey. Bill and others mentioned to us how they had appreciated working with Encounter Walking and this was reassuring to us to know how thorough the research into the accommodation etc. had been. This was our second booking with Encounter Walking, this time at very short notice, and we were not in any way disappointed with our choice.

Route: Coleridge Way Name: Catherine Walked on: 13th May 2014

Flag of the United KingdomI would just like to thank you for organising our accommodation for The Coleridge Way.  Everything worked brilliantly and all went very smoothly.  The Notley Arms Inn in Monksilver was superb.  If I can persuade my friends again I may well use you again for another walk.

Route: Coleridge Way plus extension to Lynmouth Name: James Williams Walked on: 14th April 2014

Flag of the United KingdomBeautiful walk through the idyllic Somerset countryside and along the coast. We were lucky to have perfect walking weather and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The walk has a nice mix of landscapes with Moorland, coasts, woodland, streams and waterfalls, lovely Somerset villages and greens, and some farmland. We saw lots of wildlife including red deer, Exmoor ponies, highland cattle and probably Kestrals hunting along the cliffs. We finished off with a bus ride with amazing views to Minehead and then a ride on a Steam Train on the West Somerset Railway to Bishops Lydeard. All the accommodation was good and we were well looked after by each of the hosts. We stayed at Notley Arms, Monksilver (lovely country pub, very pleasant recent refurb); Exmoor House, Weddon Cross (excellent vegetarian food); The Gables, Porlock (beautiful quintessential Somerset thatched cottage) and the Bath Hotel, Lynmouth (views of the harbour and sea). We got packed for the next day at all our accommodation. All the luggage transfers went well. The walking notes and information form Encounter wer excellent as was the communication when organising the holiday. We are already looking at the other walking holidays they organise!

Route: Coleridge Way and Coast Path Lynmouth to Minehead Name: Barbara Walked on: 7th October 2013

Flag of the United KingdomWe had a wonderful holiday, thank you, and the weather was much kinder that we could have expected, bearing in mind what was going on in our home towns at the time!

I can only say that I am now completely sold on the idea of using your services for future trips. For two ladies of advancing years, it was made so easy for us in every possible way. The whole week went without a hitch. The walking was brilliant (and we did visit Dunkery Beacon and take the Rugged Alternative); the accommodation was all fun in different ways and comfortable throughout and the taxis all turned up. Your suggestion of beginning the return journey by steam train finished things off beautifully.

Route: Coleridge Way - 4 days Name: David - Western Australia Walked on: 12th September 2013

Flag of AustraliaThanks to you and your great team.  We had a marvellous walk in good weather with no significant issues.  As promised by Prue - Dunkery Beacon was the "high light".

Route: Mevagissey to Looe; Coleridge Way Name: Susan Walked on: 7th September 2013

Flag of the United States of AmericaWe made two 4-day walks one after the other. The first was from Mevagissey to Looe on the South West Coast Path; and the second was the Coleridge Way. Being from the USA, we wanted to have two different landscape experiences in the time we had to walk. The South West Coast Path offers absolutely stunning scenery, much like that of our northern California coast only without the highway running along it as we have here. We were impressed with the beauty of the broad views, how lovely the harbor villages were and that there was such an organized path the whole way. The Coleridge Way was special too. We loved that we could just walk through pastureland and woods and barely saw another walker. In fact, we saw more people on horseback than on foot. This path was far less traveled than the South West Coast Path which made it all the more special to us. One of the best nights was our stay at Woodadvent Farm where cattle, sheep and pheasant are raised. The accommodations were quite special and the hosts very friendly and helpful. In fact, we were having trouble finding the place at the end of the day and we looked up from our huddle over the map in the darkening afternoon to see our host come to find us. He drove us "home" in his utility vehicle. We recommend highly the Encounter group. They helped us decide which would be the best walks for us, advised us on how to make train arrangements to the starting points from the USA and followed our progress along the way with helpful check-ins. We also very much liked that accommodations were reviewed with us prior to booking so that there were no surprises. We would definitely set up a trip with Encounter again and I have already recommended them to others here at home as well as walkers we met along our way.

Route: Colerige Way Name: Francis and Guy Walked on: 15th June 2013

Flag of the United KingdomWe had a lovely holiday on the Coleridge Way; we did get rained on the first morning but we were under the trees for much of the time and by the afternoon the weather had dried up. The weather for the week was dry otherwise, but not quite clear enough to see all the lovely views, such as from the top of Lype Hill. We might have to go back and do some sections again! Its rather ironic that we usually have our holiday on w/c 8th July..when the weather would have really hot. We thought we would try June this year to see if we could get some better weather!

All the accommodation was very good; very nice garden and breakfast at The Old House: Wheddon Cross, Porlock and Ilfracombe also very good. The food at the Exmoor House at Wheddon Cross was excellent.

I think the only issue with the walking from our point of view is that as 'relaxed walkers' we would have been better to do the Coleridge Way in 4 days instead of 3; a special thank you to Sheila of Wick House who rescued us from The Windmill In at West Quantoxhead, and to her husband who dropped us off at Roadwater to continue our shortened journey the next day. We had of course planned out trip partly around the break in Lundy. The Coleridge Way goes through some lovely countryside; I think overlooked by lots of people.

The trip to Lundy was excellent, we had a good cottage (The Quarters) and although the weather was a bit variable we still had a great time there. The lack of traffic and being able to walk straight out of the accommodation onto the cliffs was really lovely. Plenty to see for the naturalist - lots of seals, puffins on the cliffs etc. In the cottage garden we had a water rail feeding its chick - they are quite difficult to see usually. The pub has good food and there is no music etc - no mobile phones or electronic devices allowed on pain of a £1 fine! We had to leave a little earlier than expected as high winds were forecast - we left on the Saturday morning rather than evening, but we had a good trip back in sunshine and saw some dolphins on the way, which put the icing on the cake!

So to sum up, thank you for organisng another great holiday for us, no doubt we will be coming back next year!

Route: Coolridge Way & part of SWCP Name: Lennart Waje Walked on: 7th June 2013

Flag of SwedenGreat walk, great arrangements - and great weather.

Route: Coleridge Way Name: Prue Walked on: 20th May 2013

Flag of the United KingdomWe have had a brilliant 3-day walk through moorland, woodland and meadows full of spring flowers. Most of it was pretty gentle, but with a few challenging climbs, not least the walk off the trail up to Dunkery Beacon, where the 360 degree views from the Welsh Mountains to the Mendip hills was absolutely stunning. The sun shone which made the streams and rivers sparkle and the villages were looking at their picture postcard best. All the accommodations were friendly and helpful, the luggage transfers from each place seamless and the calories used by walking were more than replaced by good food each evening! It's a perfect way to spend a few days in the fresh air enjoying the peace and quiet of the Somerset countryside, finishing as every good walk on an island should, by the sea. Many thanks to Encounter Walking Holidays for thinking about every detail to make our holiday completely stress-free. Even the walking notes were so comprehensive we didn't have to think!

Route: The Coleridge Way Name: Rosemary Kent Walked on: 17th May 2013

Encounter Walking Holidays logoHave just returned from my third walking holiday arranged by Encounter Walking – this time the Coleridge Way - undertaken over three days of lovely May weather. It is simply a stunning route. Spring woodlands and meadows full of flowers, birdsong everywhere, and the discovery of some of the most beautiful villages and hamlets tucked into the folds of the hills, we were even lucky enough to see some wild deer. Many of the tracks are ancient and give a real sense of walking through the unchanged landscape of generations. Damon’s walking notes are so impressive with detailed tips that ensured no wrong turnings were taken and no points of interest missed. I am reasonably (certainly not super) fit and had a great sense of achievement at the completion of the walk. I found some ascents and descents challenging but, as advised, got there in my own time. The glorious panoramic views from Lype Hill and Dunkery Beacon made it well worth the exertion and there is plenty of level walking which gave me a chance to get my breath back and take in the view. All our accommodation was good but Wick House in Stogumber was excellent and the warm welcome (with tea, homemade cake and an offer to book us a table for dinner at the pub) very much appreciated. Porlock Weir is also special – a wonderfully peaceful place with an inspiring amount of care and effort making The Cafe a real treat at the end of our walk. Finally and as in all my previous experience, I found the organisation, bag transfer and support from Encounter Walking faultless. This really is a gem of a company.

Route: Coleridge Way and Coast Path to Minehead Name: Ton and friends from the Netherlands Walked on: 28th April 2013

Flag of the NetherlandsWe had a very, very nice walk on the Coleridge Way and the Coast Path from Nether Stowey to Porlock and than to Minehead. More people must dot this trail, we think (5 Dutchman), it's a very various track and we walk even trough a big deerhunting in the Quantock Hills. We followed your option to prebook a taxi from the Bristol airport to Nether Stowey and can recommanded the First 1-2 Call Taxis Bridgewater, they have a good price indeed!. We leave the taxi 8 miles before Nether Stowey and walk to the Rose and Crown Inn where the taxi dropped our luggage. The accomodations were good, especially the Wick House in Stogumber, what a welcome with coffee en tea and homemade cakes etc.and the best breakfast we ever had! In Minehead its better we think tot look for a hotel or B&B at the end of the trail, not so far away form it. We are very satisfied about your help, advice, walking notes and maps ( no problems with finding the route), and perhaps till next year!