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Route: Looe - Salcombe Name: Peter Haskell Walked on: 29th July 2019

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"Some places could consider earlier breakfast, 09:00 is potentially too late if walking a long way"

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"No issues, all smooth from booking to walking"

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Route: Plymouth to Torcross via the South West Coast Path Name: Patrick Walked on: 29th June 2019

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"Very beautiful walk. Difficult to plan because of all the estuary crossings sometimes with only infrequent ferries and occasionally no ferry - so it was great to have Encounter Walking's help."

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"All accommodation was very good. The Cricket Inn in Beesands was exceptionally good."

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Route: South West Coast Path - Falmouth to Salcombe Name: Ian Walked on: 10th September 2018

UK FlagBrilliant. once again, thank you so much for sorting out such excellent night stops and baggage transfers. I couldn’t find fault with any of them.

I probably could have done some slightly longer days as I was usually finished by 1 or 2 pm, but that was my fault.

The Erme nightmare was easy.. get up at 4..start walking at 4.37 with a ‘Paddington’ breakfast.(.marmalade sandwiches) provided by the farmer’s wife..pitch black..cloud on the deck..could just make out telegraph posts for idea of direction..made it interesting..but got to the Erme at 0615 (low tide 0724)..just light enough to see the causeway on the other side..waded across and away again at 0644 to the dodgy ferry at Bantham..but one wave at ten o’clock and he was there, and I was across and at the pub by 1013..to find my bag was already there!

Not quite so efficiently handled when Mrs G arrived to pick up and drop off (two hours late at the first rendezvous!) but good to walk with the dog..I reached the Exe yesterday (24th). Good weather other than last Saturday when I got soaked to my toes doing 17 miles..but the other days were lovely.

Once again..many many thanks..I would/will recommend you to anyone

Route: South West Coast Path: Salcombe-Brixham Name: Hilary and Emily Walked on: 07th September 2018

USA flagOnce again Damon and the folks at Encounter came through with outstanding service! Our accommodations were lovely (especially the Bayards Cove Inn in Dartmouth) and all went very smoothly.

These three days of walking were listed as strenuous, and I would have to agree - some of the ups and downs were pretty long and very steep, but oh, are they worth it! The scenery was truly stunning. It seemed as though every time we came over a rise or around a corner a new breathtaking vista appeared. Some of the little picturesque coves with their rock pools were so lovely we hated to move on! But move on we did - the walks were quite demanding and on the two longer days we didn't have much time to squander on beachcombing and rest.

I would recommend walking poles for this stretch - we did the first two days without them and then bought some in Dartmouth for the last day, and we were very glad we did. Our weather started out a bit shaky on the first day with a short rain shower as soon as we set out on the Salcombe ferry, but it was soon over, and the rest of the way we were treated to sunny skies and very pleasant temperatures. It was almost hot!

We ended up in Brixham tired but happy, and celebrated with an excellent meal at Beamer's. Get the shellfish platter for two - it is heavenly!! We will definitely be back for the next phase of the path next year - thanks Damon and crew!!

Route: SW Coast Path & Two Moors Way - Brixham to Lynmouth Name: Kurt Walked on: 06th July 2018

Swiss FlagDear all

First of all I thank you very much for the good organisation.

Everything worked very well.

We had excellent weather. In the 18 walking days we had no rain!

The accommodations were mostly very good. The cricket in in Besands was excellent. In Dartmouth the room was good and big but the breakfast room and the breakfast kitchen was a bit dingy. In Salcombe we had a room in the cellar without a window, which was smelling a bit cause of the humidity.

We would like to start earlier with the walk, but breakfast is not available before 8.30..9.00. But this is in England a fact, which cannot be changed.

As we go for breakfast with other clothes than we walk, we need to change after breakfast. This means that the suitcase is not ready for pick up before 9….9.30 am. In Besands the taxi driver was too early, but he gave us enough time.

Finding the path on the coastal path is no problem together wirth the map you delivered. On the two moors way in the Dartmoor I had twice a problem. With the map and the gps on the handy I could finaly find the way. Whre the sheeps go through in groups it seems to be a path but is not the right way. A bit more Indicaters, such as poles in the field is not very expensive but very helpful in places where you have on the map just white fields.

The day by day description of the whole walk was very helpful. Especially the indications for refreshments, check in, distance and grade of walk and dinner were very helpful.


It was a wonderful walk, well organized. If we come again to the coast path then we book again over encounterwalkingholidays.

With my best regards


Route: South West Coast Path - Fowey to Exmouth Name: Gabi & Adi Walked on: 16th June 2018

Austrian FlagDear all,

Better late than never! So here comes our feedback.

Again, we had a wonderful time on the SWCP back in June and the weather really was good to us. Apart from the bit from Babbacombe to Exmouth, where we were caught in a thunderstorm and heavy rain, we had almost always dry conditions on the path and the temperature was perfect for hiking. We also managed the walk from Cape Cornwall to Porthcurno and Penzance to Marazion, on which we missed out on our first time on the SWCP. So, by now we have covered the whole part of the SWCP from Minehead to Exmouth.

The luggage transfer was impeccable and we always found our heavy bags already in our room, when we arrived at the accommodation, no matter which floor.

All accommodations were of appropriate and good quality and we got on very well with our hosts. We just want to point out some of them, because we simply felt especially lucky to have been there.

The BRIDGESIDE GUESTHOUSE – to be honest, the house itself from outside doesn’t look very inviting, mainly due to the run down semi-detached building on the right. BUT the Guesthouse itself was immaculate as was our room and we felt very welcomed and perfectly well looked after.

Our stay at the WHITSAND BAY HOTEL clearly was an extraordinary one, because it reflects exactly that typical English atmosphere, very often shown in Hitchcock movies or Rosamunde Pilcher television films mainly set in Cornwall, which are, unfortunately, not very well-known in England itself.

The walk through Plymouth was a tough one and we were very happy to finally arrive at the IMPERIAL to find ourselves staying in a huge room with a separate entrance – it was a very welcomed treat.

We’d have loved to prolong our stay at the WORSWELL BARTON FARMHOUSE – it couldn’t have been more different to our stay in Plymouth, but it was exactly what we needed back then. The scenery was spectacular, lots of animals and Jackie spoilt us with the most delicious breakfast *yummy*.

The THURLESTONE HOTEL was without doubt the most luxury treat of our whole hiking holiday and we enjoyed every single minute. We were amazed to see all those luxury cars in the hotel car park. When we were asked to state the registration number of our car at the check-in, we told the receptionist, that we’ve come all the way from Fowey on foot – she was quite amazed too.

Beesands was delightful and not only due to the fact that there was more or less no possibility for refreshments all day long. We had the most gorgeous room at THE CRICKET INN, overlooking the pebble beach and the sea and we could watch it from our bed. The food was excellent and it’s certainly worthwhile to visit again just to enjoy a wonderful meal.

Brixham was another wonderful place we’d have loved to spend more time. The SEA TANG GUEST HOUSE is very much recommended, we really loved it there, we got on so well with Chris and Claire and again we were spoilt with hospitality.

Last but not least we had a wonderful stay at the WARWICK HOUSE in Penzance. The breakfast, prepared by the ‘chef’ Chris, was just delicious. We even got an early bird breakfast on the day of our departure.

Please, don’t get me wrong, all the accommodations were perfectly fine and everything was ok, but those mentioned above are just standing out, at least to us.

We managed several river crossings without missing any ferries.

All in all we had a wonderful time and we enjoyed every single day. We had lots of encounters with wildlife as foxes, rabbits, birds of prey as well as sea birds and my husband was attacked twice by a seagull - the second one even managed to steal his muesli bar *lol*.

THANK YOU ALL for your help and the accurate work you do, preparing and organizing our hiking holidays.

We still have a few miles left to cover until we reach Poole Harbour and we’ll be in touch again.

Route: South West Coast Path - Falmouth to Exmouth Name: Thomas, Sabine and Anning Walked on: 05th May 2018

German FlagWe (66, 64, 33 years) were traveling on coastal paths in England and Wales for the fourth time - always in May for two to three weeks each - and are still excited about this holiday concept: Hiking on the (mostly) narrow, optimally marked path with rare, but often very friendly encounters and conversations with hikers and locals, on the one hand (almost) always free view of the sea and rocky coast, on the other side greener country with ever-changing views, daily about 6 to 8 hours (including breaks) for 15 to 25 km of strenuous walking and climbing (the constant ups and downs are really challenging), extensive breakfasts in the B & B; between 12 and 15 o'clock - depending on availability - coffee or cream tea break on the way; after arrival at the B & B coffee / tea / chocolate / biscuits in the room, in the evening small walk and dinner according to the local conditions, dead-like night sleep in mostly modern beds (recommendation: better twin- than double!).

Organization, selection of B & B, luggage transport, responding to our requests - this year through Encounterwalkingholidays - absolutely perfect and recommended! Further recommendations: OS maps in the mobile phone for emergencies and doubts, well-walked hiking boots, rain cape, sun hat, after about 5-6 hiking days a rest day. May seems to be the optimal hiking time in terms of weather: only a short rain this year. Thanks to Damon and his efficient and friendly Encounterwalkingholidays team! And: Dear UK, remain in the EU!

Route: South West Coast Path - Falmouth to Exmouth Name: Thomas, Sabine, Anning Walked on: 05th May 2018

Flag of the GermanyDear Damon and team, here is the feedback about our SWCP walking tour from Falmouth to Exeter in May 2018:

Thomas, Sabine, Anning

We (66, 64, 33 years) were traveling on coastal paths in England and Wales for the fourth time - always in May for two to three weeks each - and are still excited about this holiday concept:

Hiking on the (mostly) narrow, optimally marked path with rare, but often very friendly encounters and conversations with hikers and locals, on the one hand (almost) always free view of the sea and rocky coast, on the other side greener country with ever-changing views, daily about 6 to 8 hours (including breaks) for 15 to 25 km of strenuous walking and climbing (the constant ups and downs are really challenging), extensive breakfasts in the B & B; between 12 and 15 o'clock - depending on availability - coffee or cream tea break on the way; after arrival at the B & B coffee / tea / chocolate / biscuits in the room, in the evening small walk and dinner according to the local conditions, dead-like night sleep in mostly modern beds (recommendation: better twin- than double!).

Organization, selection of B & B, luggage transport, responding to our requests - this year through Encounterwalkingholidays - absolutely perfect and recommended! Further recommendations: OS maps in the mobile phone for emergencies and doubts, well-walked hiking boots, rain cape, sun hat, after about 5-6 hiking days a rest day.

May seems to be the optimal hiking time in terms of weather: only a short rain this year.

Thanks to Damon and his efficient and friendly Encounterwalkingholidays team! And: Dear UK, remain in the EU!

Best wishes   Thomas

Route: Plymouth to Brixham Name: RP - UK Walked on: 15th September 2017

UK FlagThe holiday was very enjoyable and the accommodation(Dartmouth excepted) and eating probably the best I have had so far.The walk itself is always a discovery because I sometimes think the book is describing something else entirely.What has stuck in my mind is that last section Dartmouth to Brixham which was as good and tough as anything before and the way that Berry Head marks a transition.

Route: Plymouth to Brixham Name: Ken F - London Walked on: 27th August 2017

UK FlagAll, it was another very good holiday - and I got it just right for the weather with only light rain one morning and a lot of rain the day after I finished which made leaving much easier. Indeed it was quite hot at times.

Some specifics -The first day was very long particularly as the walk across Plymouth takes some time. Over 20 miles including going to the pub at the end. The bridge in the barbican was closed adding to the length. The walk out of Plymouth is rather dull but there is no avoiding it.

Needing to catch the ferry means stopping along the way is always tempered by the need to get there which is a shame but again nothing to be done about this. Without the shortcut on day 2 (i.e. walking round Gara Point the day before) it would have been difficult to keep to the times needed.

The taxi was very well organised and I called him as was a little early. The actual taxi ride is longer than I expected and worth pointing out how long it takes.The second ferry is slightly hard to wave at but it was all well in the end. Unlike the guide I thought this was quite a hard days walking up and down on day 3 particularly on uneven surfaces around Lannacombe Bay

Salcombe was so busy that I could not find anywhere to sit down outside but good overall.

The walk along Slapton sands was confusing as the path does not really switch between the beach and lake side (the direction is obvious) and missing out the memorial. I missed the improvement into Strete perhaps by looking at the guide too much.

 Overall it was very good with good mixture of hills/ bays /towns etc

Accommodation - the hotel room at the start was a little odd but fine. I particularly liked the Beesands stop and the Ness Mayo and final B&B's (the first for the quiet - its never quiet in London) ;

Excellent - holiday will be back I hope. Not sure which walk to do next...any suggestions Will send a couple of photos shortly. Thanks Ken

Route: Charlestown to Salcombe SWCP Name: Paul Walked on: 13th August 2017

UK FlagDear Damon As usual a massive thanks to you for sorting out our walk.

 – Rashleigh Arms and TGallants Annexe – Charlestown Area Very nice hotel and a cracking Sunday lunch. Bus driver drops you right outside the hotel if you ask. Although no shop you can buy home made Cornish pasties from the weighbridge tea shop and home made cakes and drinks to go for the walk.

 The King Of Prussia - Fowey - Another top draw place to stay. The little extra bits for the room were a nice touch. Walk is more 11.5 to 12 miles having to go through Par. There's an ice cream van in the car park at the end of Par beach. Fowey would be a good place for 2 nights. 

Looe - Fieldhead Hotel Very clean but deco is very dated. Breakfast was very average. The diversion is still in place. Look out for the seals at Looe Island. Loved walking through Polperro and seeing the electric trams. Some great places to eat and some good art shops. I prefer it to Looe and it might be a better place to stay the night. 

Portwrinkle - The Little Fox a bit of the path but a nice place to stay. Evening meal was very pricey. The Finnygook iInn is closer and they have rooms. This might be a better option. 

Plymouth - Sea Bleezes Great welcome from Ann who was lovely. Just off the walk and a great breakfast and comfy room. Ann couldn't do enough for us. You can tell she's had lots of walkers staying with her and was the most welcoming host we've had.

Worswell Barton Farmhouse  -Noss Mayo The ferry runs 10-4 this time of year which was good. Nice comfortable room and a hearty breakfast. 

River Erme - Ivy Barn a good walk from the path. Average accommodation   School Cafe by the beach was great, very quirky. Taxi arrived spot on time. When the tide is out you can walk from Bigbury On Sea to The Ferry along the beach. We did this and it was a lovely walk. The Bay View Cafe was closed but although it doesn't look much the Venus Cafe was spot on and very environmentally friendly. Burgh island's pub the Pilchard On had a very limited menu and a long queue for non locals and hotel residents so we gave that a miss.

The Hope and Anchor Inn – Hope Cove A excellent place, one of a chain. Rashleigh Arms which we loved is in the same chain. Had a stunning view over the sea at Hope Cove. The Bantham ferry ran spot on 3-4. He doesn't do a minute before or after. The beach just after the ferry stop has four seasonal street/beach cafes selling a variety of high end street food. There was too much choice today for a bite to eat. The walk was breath taking. 

Salcombe - B&B was very disappointing. The shower was a trickle and the breakfast poor. Last years stay at Salcombe was a really nice B&B and it was a shame it wasn't available. Appreciate that Salcombe is busy but there must have been better options. Looking at the reviews on trip advisor I have to agree with the negative ones. 

The luggage transfer service as usual was excellent. The route and the scenery was amazing. Thanks and best wishes - Paul

Route: South West Coast Path - Plymouth to Poole Name: Briggs Walked on: 08th June 2017

United States of America flagI broke the Southwest Coast Path up into a total of four trips (work gets in the way of things!), all planned by Encounter. Planning was superb and execution was precise. There was never a lost bag or missed reservation in 60+ nights on the trail. I was able to hike to my heart's content and never worry about the how or where I was going to stay when the day was done. I highly recommend them for price, service, and knowledge of the path.

Route: South West Coast Path - Par to Dartmouth Name: Maggie & Peter Walked on: 07th June 2017

United Kingdom flagOur fourth section of the south west coastal path with Encounter. Everything went very well even the weather was kind. The route was easy to follow and all diversions were well marked. The remote section from Plymouth was particularly spectacular with lots of ferry crossings and incredible scenery. All accommodations were good and welcoming. Food was great everywhere and advice on booking in advance was helpful. Luggage transfers perfect. Thanks to all at Encounter Maggie & Peter

Route: South West Coast Path - Mevagissey to Dartmouth Name: Ulrike Walked on: 29th May 2017

German flagAll accommodation booked was good, but some was better and staff 'went the extra mile' to make you feel more welcome than others.

All in all well done for choosing those places. Nothing to complain about!!!

A big thank you to you all for again providing excellent advice on the next part of the trail, which we walked from Mevagissey to Dartmouth this year. This has been our forth time on the SWCP organised by Encounter Walking Holidays and we are already planning to continue next year. Everything was well organised, incl. the luggage transfer!  Accommodation was well chosen. Having been on the trail before we knew what to expect and despite a few more days of wet weather in comparison to the last three years, it did not stop us enjoying the walk. The views are absolutely stunning. We had no problem following the trail description and except for a short part of the way between Looe and Lansallos where the trail was overgrown, the rest was perfectly fine. Will definitely keep in touch! Thanks again for a perfect holiday!

Route: South West Coast Path - Lyme Regis to Plymouth Name: Lainie & Bill K Walked on: 24th May 2017

USA FlagHello Encounters:  Just to let you know we are back in Florida after our British return the end of June. The walking was fantastic from Lyme Regis to Plymouth.

Everything went so smoothly due to all your planning experience!    

Thank you so very much for an amazing adventure. We loved it!

Best wishes,

Route: South West Coast Path - Plymouth to Exeter Name: Doreen and George Walked on: 19th May 2017

United Kingdom flagWe arrived back safely on Thursday evening having spent a day looking round Exeter before we came home.

The final section of the walk was lovely - no rain again for the whole fortnight and a lovely on-shore breeze most of the time which made for ideal walking conditions. This section was not so urban as I had expected but still contained a lot of ups and downs. The books always say that the North Cornwall section is the hardest but we have found the two sections from Falmouth to Exmouth to be equally challenging!!! Must be getting older.

The coastline was very attractive and the drowned rias were very picturesque in the sunshine with the boats floating on the deep blue water. As always the accommodation was all very good and all different. It was lovely having breakfast at Beesands with the folding doors wide open - just like being on the continent. The Sea Tang B&B have refurbished all their bedrooms this year and they are now very smart. It was also lovely to go back and see Anne in Plymouth for a couple more nights. George insisted on taking the ferry across to Exmouth to make sure we completed the route. We also managed to get some really good photos of a cirl bunting which was a first for us. No problems with the luggage transfer - they even managed to deliver a 'lost '  fleece to another group of walkers that we picked up en-route.

We have thoroughly enjoyed doing the walk - we are quite sad in a way to have finished it but maybe we'll look at the new Somerset walks when you have had more time to sort them out.

Thank you so much for organising all 6 of our trips. Knowing how difficult it can be to get one - night bookings at peak holiday times must make booking accommodation quite time consuming. It's been lovely exploring this part of the country for the first time - in no small part to your help. We will continue to recommend you to anyone who is interested in walking in the South west.


Route: South West Coast Path - Wembury to Brixham Name: David Walked on: 16th May 2017

At last a rare free moment (it's raining outside) since our return to answer this.

The walk was excellent thanks. The weather was very kind overall to us, with the heavy rain on arrival and also day 1 soon replaced by sun. The walking was not really demanding (even the last day when the terrain was a bit tougher but mileage low), with quite low daily distances (driven clearly by accommodation locations and ferries).

The accommodation was uniformly very good, with the highlight for us both being Bayards Cove Inn, closely followed by The Fortescue Inn both of which were excellent.  We didn't bother with packed lunches due to the short distances, but perhaps should have done on day 1 with hindsight. A few updates for your guide notes:

The two taxi trips on day 1 with Kevin worked very well.
The cafe at Mothecombe is currently closed for renovation (hence my comment above re packed lunch) which made waiting for the taxi in the rain less comfortable than it might have been. And all the places in Bigbury were closed by the time we arrived!

The Sloop Inn only opens at 6pm although we could get earlier access to our room - but no beer until later!  They have some renovation work ongoing too impacting the restaurant, but the food in the bar was very good.
No problems getting a table at Cricket Inn either with very good food - and there is the option of the Britannia further along the beach which looked very good (and popular).

The Kings Arms pub in Strete is currently closed and up for sale. The village store there only had limited provisions (including some out of date sandwiches!) - we would have done better to wait until the (very good) Green Dragon in Stoke Fleming.

The ice cream shop in Dartmouth no longer sells packed lunches - but there is an excellent coffee shop called Woodroast in town (other than the Bayards Cove itself) for which we delayed our leaving until their 10am opening time! Bushell's Riverside proved to be a very good choice for dinner.
The best coffee in Brixham is at Port Espresso (we arrived just in time for their 4pm closing time) and we dined well at Beamers.

Hope this is of use.



Route: Fowey to Dartmouth Name: Brenda and Kent Walked on: 03rd September 2016

New Zealand FlagHi Damon and others,  We have just finished our itinerary today in Dartmouth. We have been going for 16days and have walked almost 200mls on the coast track with several diversions to places where I lived, was evacuated and grew up along the way. The trip has far surpassed my expectations. The weather has been excellent -if somewhat stimulating at times:)Only 1 hour of rain all the time. The scenery is unbelievable...still unspoilt and much of it as I remember it from over 70 years ago. The villages and accommodation were so excellent and interesting and we met some lovely and eccentric locals in all the pubs!

The walk is the best that I have ever done....varied at every turn and historically interesting.

we are now staying a few days with my brother in a beautiful converted church in N Cornwall. We will spend a couple of days on Dartmoor too, using your info supplied to us earlier.

We would not hesitate to recommend this to others. We were most impressed with the help and efficient service that your company supplied...and especially the luggage support service. No problems to report. We had a few diversions which were tricky when the Coast Path gave choices, but did not indicate why (eg tidal routes etc) but nothing major.We would love to return and do another area some time, Thanks for all your help in planning and supporting us ,


Route: Plymouth to Torquay Name: David Walked on: 06th July 2016

UK FlagWe had a successful and enjoyable walk from Plymouth to Torquay, thank you. The itinerary information was fine, and all the B&B accommodation was very good.

The only problem we encountered was with some of the way-marking, where it wasn't obvious which way we needed to go. Two In particular were: over the fields between Strete and Matthew's Point, and from the Torquay Marina to Daddyhole Plain then Cove.

Route: SWCP Plymouth to Lymington Name: David Coulson Walked on: 01st May 2016

Flag of the United KingdomMy walk was from Plymouth to Poole. It was for the charity Motor Neurone Disease Association. I needed the help of encounter to plan my walk to suite my abilities. Without their help I could not have completed the 266 mile walk. The location of accomadation was perfect and the planned route worked. I was aware of all diversion on the way, I got lost a few times mainly down to myself. The scenery and views are stunning. It's a perfect way to enjoy a few days away. I finished by walking from Poole to Lymington a 26 mile walk to help the sufferers and families of this terrible disease. With out the help of Encounter Walking Hoildays and their professional approach I could not have finished this walk. Thank you

Route: Plymouth to Lyme Regis Name: Sally Walked on: 09th September 2015

Flag of the United KingdomThank you for once again organising a glorious walking trip for me.  The weather – despite the very inaccurate and gloomy forecasts – was fantastic for walking – even the supposedly awful Wednesday did not materialise.  I only had my waterproof trousers on for two brief periods and the wind was kind. Crossing the Erme was quite an adventure but with the advice from the lovely Jackie at Worsall Barton I was armed with walking sandals and a towel and made it.  Thank you so much for organising the walk to correspond with the tides – it was fun.  

Arrived at Starcross Ferry at 2.50 ferry at 3.10 so pretty perfect.  Few worrying moments waiting for the ferry at Bigbury but eventually someone waved from the other side and ferried us across.

The walking was fabulous right up there with the first section despite the urban bits.  Badly signed I felt from Torquay and I missed Anstys Cove.All accomodation was up to the usual good standard.  I loved Dukes in Sidmouth.
All in all I had a fabulous time.

Route: Plymouth to Brixham Name: Chris and Maureen and Amanda Walked on: 09th May 2015

Flag of the United KingdomYet another excellent holiday. The accommodation was all very good or excellent. The luggage transfer was , as ever, faultless. You even got the weather in good order. Thank you again. We will be back next year

Route: SWCP Plymouth to Poole Name: Pauline and Frans Walked on: 24th June 2014

Flag of the NetherlandsYes, we made it! 15 sunny walking days, just some showers at the beginning. One day of rest in Plymouth, one in Lyme Regis. We even made it to watch part of the Holland versus Chile football match in the Haven Hotel in Poole, even though we took a sandy path through the heather dunes close to the finish in South Haven Point! We just hadn't seen the coast path signs:-)

Compliments for Damon of Encounter Walkings who organized it for us, the luggage transfers were 100% oke, the B&B's/hotels were good, the owners friendly. Nicest moment of the day was usually the shower in the B&B/hotel:-) We managed to catch all taxi and ferries in time, sometimes just in time:-) Damon warned us. We got what we asked for; 15 miles on average a day, which turned out to be pretty heavy with all the ascending and descending. 15 miles sounded easy to us even though we knew it's 25 km, please take into account the climbing you have to do, because twice I was too tired to go out for diner in the evening. Next time we would surely try to find more time to look for fossils f.e. in Lyme Regis or look for dolphins near Swanage, we didn't sees any dolphins because we hadn't enough time to stand still and watch the sea I guess. I only swam for 1 minute in Weymouth! We used to visit nice things like Drakes' ship 'the Golden Hind' in Brixham, St. Catherines Chapel near Abbotsbury, the evacuated village of Tyneham, the ocean aquarium in Plymouth, the museum in Lyme Regis, etc.

Making 1000 pictures cost some time too. Twice we reached the next B&B/hotel at 7pm, which was rather late, the first time because we visited Drakes' ship and I lost the map on the terrace where we had coffee afterwards (which cost us another 40 minutes delay:-(), the other time was when we arrived in Portland, too tired to notice there was a more quiet footpath some 10 meters from the road along Chesil Beach.

We did the first part of the SWCP in June 2010 from Westward Ho! --> Penzance, Cornwall is more quiet than Devon and Dorset, you probably knew that but we didn't:-), holiday camps and military zones are not just an improvement from a walkers point of view. Besides that heavy rainfall caused some serous damage and erosion to the coast, there were more diversions compared to 2010. You know the Durdle Door picture on the walking guide? Well, when we reached it the beach was pretty crowded on a sunny saturday:-) People swam and canoed through the door, ofcourse I understand people enjoy to be there, it just wasn't the quiet place I expected.
The diversions were clearly marked, plenty of warnings about erosion, diversion, danger here danger there, on the whole the SWCP was clearly marked. We discussed a shortcut to Abbotsbury, somewhere in the fields/meadows you can see a path to the right straight to the village, it was a hot day, afterwards we agreed we should have taken the shortcut but we were not sure at the right moment to take the shortcut. Mostly the path is maintained oke, sometimes long trousers are handy against nettles and thisles.

We had to catch a few ferries and several taxis in time. To make the trip more relaxed (it shouldn't feel like work:-)) we would suggest to give walkers the opportunity to call the taxidriver/company at the moment you reach the location where the driver should pick you up. Advantage: No stress for walkers, disadvantage: waiting for the taxi after the call.

Places to eat: there's always at least 1 good restaurant in the neighbourhood, we recommend the Eastern Eye Indian Cuisine in Plymouth, fish and chips plus peas with minty sauce (I'll try this at home) in the Ship Inn in Noss Mayo, Masala Indian Cuisine in Swanage, sticky toffee pudding in the Ox in Poole. And plenty of carrot cake on the way. All B&B's/hotels served a good breakfast; you can always combine/choose English and/or continental breakfast, that will take You up the hills!

Compared to the Netherlands: the public toilets in Great Britain are good; clean, well maintained and available in most villages/towns!

In short; we had a great time!

Route: Salcombe to Brixham Name: Andrew and Liz Walked on: 06th May 2014

Flag of the United KingdomEnjoyed our 3-day trip; good weather for most of the time (one very wet and windy morning), good accomodation, especially The Cricket Inn at Beesands, and a varied mix of coastal scenery. We dined on fresh fish every night; the Rockfish restaurant in Dartmouth was excellent! All the planning, logistics, maps and guidance provided by Encounter was perfect, as always.

Route: Falmouth to Brixham Name: Thea - Denmark Walked on: 10th August 2013

Flag of DenmarkAs always, everything was arranged to fulfil my needs. Very good accommodation and beautiful walking. Diversions were not a problem, neither in number nor length. In many places I had a number of restaurants to choose between, and the food was often more up-scale compared with further west. Maybe because this area also seemed to be popular with the sailing people. I can only recommend this stretch on SWCP. Even the weather was more or less perfect, only two rainy days in 15 days walking.

Route: South West Coast Path - Plymouth to Dartmouth Name: Annette and Elisabeth (Germany) Walked on: 07th July 2012

Flag of GermanyOn the whole, it was a wonderful walk again, and we were lucky to have four almost dry days! After crossing by the ferry or surrounding by taxi the estuaries I now understand what you meant when you said this section was a bit tricky....... We found everything alright, only the B and B Revelstoke Combe in Noss Mayo was difficult to find. My most preferred day was the day from Hope to Salcombe, because it was wonderfully quiet and sunny. The worst day was the next day, because there was heavy rain all the time and we could not walk at all.......On the whole we walking a lot slower than the estimated times!..... The best pub was the SHIP INN Noss Mayo, they have excellent food!..... On the whole the accommodation was ok. The Sea Breezes Guest House and the Queens Court Hotel were very good! The Hope and Anchor was good with nice rooms. So was the Dolphin Inn where the rooms were not only nice, but also well heated! In Revelstoke Combe, which was also good, we had a lovely experience with the landlady. When she understood how exhausted and hungry we were, she drove us down to the Ship Inn, and later back home again. That was very special!....... All the information was very useful. Especially the information about the Bay Cafe in Bigbury helped us a lot. I think everything was well organized. I think we will come back next summer, and then we just walk on! Thank you very much for everything. It was a lovely holiday!

Route: South West Coast Path - Plymouth to Brixham Name: John, Christine & 2 friends (UK) Walked on: 05th July 2012

Flag of the United KingdomHad no problems finding the routes, the day by day booklets were brilliant, very informative....... Can only say the best walking were the sunny days, Hope Cove, Salcombe & Beesand, only because we saw these places at their best, the rest of the walk probably would have been very pretty, only didn’t really notice it, due to having to concentrate so hard on feet placements...... Worst days were the first two day and last two, purely down to the weather, rain, rain, mud and more mud, making the going hazardous underfoot...... We were walking faster than estimated times, but we do walk fast and the weather encouraged this...... The info you supplied about rest stops & cafes along the route was very helpful. We did find some lovely Restaurants: Barbican Kitchen in Plymouth; the Boatswain in Salcombe; Taylors in Dartmouth & the Poopdeck in Brixham. All excellent for Fish...... All accommodation you provided were excellent, : The CRICKET INN, this was one of our favourites, beautiful accommodation, very clean & the evening meal gorgeous, lovely breakfast too:  The only thing we found was that with having two couples walking, one couple always ended up with a small room. I know there's always the problem you are only there for one night, but it can get difficult with the bags. We do appreciate there's not a lot you can do about it. It is not a complaint, just a fact...... Despite the weather it was great...... You did a great job, thankyou very much we will definitely use you again.