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Coverack Flash Flood - Updated Coast Path Info

Coverack Village Update

Coverack Flash FloodYou may well have seen that on 19th July Coverack on the Lizard Coast Path was hit by flash floods. BBC News Link

There was extensive damage and 50 properties were flooded along with the main road to the village and coast path washed out.

We have had walkers along the route every day since the flooding last week and walkers and luggage transfers are continuing without any major problem.

All Encounter Walking Holiday accommodation has been unaffected and you will stay in the places booked as per your itinerary.

There has been major work to get the road back in place to Coverack and its very much now open for business again.

Evening meals are available if staying in Coverack as advised in your itinerary at the Paris Hotel and apart from seeing some of the damage as you walk through you will find Coverack is safe and open.

South West Coast Path Update

We have been working with the South West Coast Path Association and Cornwall County Council to have the Coast Path each side of the village checked for safety by surveyors.

This has now been done and there are two sections where damage to the path requires small diversions. One on each side of Coverack Village.

We have covered this below for you in detail so please print the information in the boxes below off and have it with your itinerary when you walk.

You can also follow web links in the text to print off maps if you wish to BUT all diversions are now signposted on the ground so just follow any diversion signs as you walk and just follow the instructions below with your OS map for guidance.

The diversions do not add much time or effort to the walking days and so will not alter your walking day significantly. Please do obey any diversion signs you come across for your own safety.




West of Coverack affecting walkers arriving in Coverack from Lizard Town and Cadgwith

July 2017 - Small diversion west side of Coverack Village following flash floods.

A small section of the path is closed at Trewillis Cottage as you arrive in Coverack. A diversion is signposted on the ground so please follow signs

With reference to your OS maps the closed section is on the coast path just below the RED TRIANGLE SYMBOL (the Youth Hostel) at Coverack and just above the words PERPREAN COVE

When you reach the first houses at this section you will be diverted inland on the footpath shown on the map that runs to CHYNALLS and you will then follow the track from there East to the main road (yellow on your map) arriving above the School (SCH). You turn right to walk down the road to rejoin the coast path at Coverack in the centre of the village. The diversion does add one short climb and descent to the walk today but not much distance. If you want a more detailed map you can view / download one showing the diversion at


We are expecting this section to be repaired so if the diversion is no longer in place please let us know so we can update the next walkers as quickly as possible.


East of Coverack affecting walkers leaving Coverack and walking to Porthallow/Helford/Manan Smith and Falmouth

July 2017 - Current Path Diversion between DEAN QUARRY and ROSENITHON

All words in CAPITALS are marked on your OS Map so use this for reference

Following the flash floods at Coverack in July 2017 the section of coast path between DEAN QUARRY and ROSENITHON passing DEAN ROCK and SHAG POINT is closed. An inland diversion is in place and is signed on the ground so follow diversion signs.

As you reach the JETTY area in DEAN QUARRY you will be diverted inland on the footpath shown that runs through the QUARRY to meet the YELLOW ROAD taking you inland past TRYTHANCE. Follow the road past TRYTHANCE to the next 4 way road junction just after TREGALLAST BARTON. Turn right here into the lane just after the "Except for Access Lorry Sign" walking along the lane now for 1/3 mile passing Ponds on your right. At the next junction turn right and walk for 1/3 mile to return on the coast path on the narrow lane at the village of ROSENITHON

You will notice a footpath marked on the map between Trythance and Rosenithon that would be a shorter route between the roads but current advice from Cornwall County Council is that it is not in a good state of repair and you should not take it but use the road route above.

The diversion adds 1/2 mile to the walking distance today though its mainly on road so does not add much to the time. If the diversion is no longer in place then please let us know so we can advise the next walkers and remove this note.

You can view a more detailed plan of the diversion and download a map at



If you require any further information don't hesitate to contact us either via the contact us page or phone 01208 871066