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1st March 2023 -    We are now fully booked on our coast path routes until the end of May but please send quote requests in for June onwards as there is availability for the rest of the year.  If you do plan to walk between now and June then our inland routes, Coleridge Way, Mendip Way, Saints Way  Dartmoor Way and Two Moors Way still have availability for most dates so please get in touch.

The Cornwall Mining World Heritage Site

The Cornwall Mining World Heritage Walk

25 miles or more on the South West Coast Path St Ives to Lands End


Porthnavern Beach Lands End Walking Holidays Cornwall Uk- The remotest and most dramatic section of walking on The South West Coast Path in Cornwall

- Visiting all the major World Heritage Mining Sites as well as passing through many less known locations only accessible to those on foot,  using the trail the miners used on their way to the pits.

- Just rewards for your efforts by staring in the stunning and cosmopolitan harbour at St Ives  before starting your walk and ending at Cornwall’s finest golden sands at Sennen by Lands End.


Ding Dong Mine Cornwall Walking Holiday South West England UKA collision of iconic clifftop Tin mines with the remote and dramatic Atlantic Coast, wild lonely moorland expanses with fascinating museums, proud mining towns and communities. Welcome to the Cornish Mining World Heritage Walk to Lands End. Quite simply, there is no other place like this in the world, its  truly unique, truly inspiring and for those of you trying to avoid the cream tea and fudge shop tourist spots, its this walk above all others that is truly Cornish. 

On your way you will stay in the villages and towns that sprang up to accommodate the mining communities, visit long lost ghostly engine houses, the last and largest Tin Mine in Cornwall, and head underground yourself into the twisting labarynth of an 18thCentury mine

In between days are spent on a world class walking route with all the drama and challenges of the best section of The South West Coast Path which is your guide  through this landscape  snaking step by stunnning step,  on a path that was originally worn into these tumultuous cliffs and hidden coves by the tinners, miners and prospectors who struggled along this exposed and stunning coastline before you.

Throughout all of it you will uncover, learn and be inspired by the stories of the Men, Woman and Children who lived and worked here yet. Whilst this may be a route that links the more famous sites and museums, some of your best memories will be of the long lost unnamed and windswept ruins you will stumble across, inaccessible to anyone in a car. 

Self Guided Group Walking Lands End Trail South West Coast Path Cornwall

It is these lonely monuments with no signboards or information where your imagination and the roar of the ocean below will create the most powerful senses of history and atmosphere to compliment your walking.





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