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The Ceredigion Coast Path - Tresaith

Waterfall at Tresaith Beach

TresaithThe name ‘Tresaith’ translated literally means ‘Town of seven’. No-one knows for sure how it got its name. One story is that a King of Ireland once sent his seven troublesome daughters adrift on the sea - they landed safely here at Tresaith and married seven sons of local families and lived happily ever after...on the other hand the name may simply derive from the River Saith which ends its journey here.

Whatever the truth, Tresaith is a picturesque little village with a sandy beach which is sheltered by the surrounding hills and popular with swimmers, surfers and sailing enthusiasts. At the north end of the beach the River Saith cascades over the cliffs, forming a dramatic waterfall, spectacular after heavy rain which crashes onto the beach. Not so sure about the tales of the German U boat anchored off the coast here during World War 2 to secure fresh water from the waterfall – but whatever, its an enchanting spot.

The resident bottlenose dolphins of Cardigan Bay are frequently spotted from the beach. With the Ship Inn and a café overlooking the beach, it’s a place frequented by locals heading for a simple and unspoilt coastal spot in the summer.

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