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The Ceredigion Coast Path - Aberporth

Pylons at Aberporth Beach

Aberporth is a small seaside resort which stretches inland from its small twin beaches, Dolwen and Dyffryn, separated from each other by a rocky finger of shale. The Victorian parish church is dedicated to St Cynwyl the Warrior who is said to have fought for King Arthur at the battle of Camlann, and was one of only seven survivors.

Once, Aberporth was famous for the herring which came in to shore here. In past centuries it was also an active and thriving port. Now the port industry is no more, declining fish stocks mean that the herring no longer come and nowadays the village’s major income is derived from tourism.

Aberporth BeachIt's two beaches are a pleasant wander in the evening if staying here and both are safe swimming spots if you fancy a dip –. Little rock pools are exposed at low tides and cliff top walks above the village offer extensive views out to sea, Sunfish and basking sharks are the offshore visitors in summer. There is little more than a café, a village shop and a couple of pubs giving it a quiet feel in the evenings and a pleasant final coastal stop on the Wales Coast Path before heading inland to the town of Cardigan.

In early 2018 Aberporth made headlines when it became the first Welsh community to phase out single-use plastic. The move attracted headlines around the UK and the world. The local shop now sells rice in paper boxes and milk in glass bottles and says sales have increased. The local café uses china cups and encourages customers to bring in their own cups in while the local pub - the hub of the village - has replaced all its plastic straws with paper ones and offers sauces in glass jars rather than plastic sachets. The village council has plans to install new drinking fountains and even the MOD site on the edge of the village has joined the campaign. The community is now encouraging other nearby places to phase out plastic too.

Aberporth has weathered the loss of its port and its fishing industry and is fast re-inventing itself as a desirable place to live, an attractive place to visit, and a place which shows by example how we can all reduce our impact on the planet.

Aberporth Beach

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